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Want To Be An Investment Banker?

April 07, 2022 10:54 IST
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2022 is shaping up as the year brimming with job opportunities for people who possess relevant skillsets.
Therefore, it is crucial for fresh graduates and young professionals to enroll in relevant certification courses to add more feathers to their introductory portfolio, explains Nikhil Barshikar, founder and MD, Imarticus Learning, a tech-based education company.

Top jobs in investment banking

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Jobs in the financial sector have always been lucrative, profit-making, and high in demand, given that the industry itself is vast and ever-growing, offering plenty of career prospects.

In the current circumstances, where the employment market has become highly competitive and volatile, this space has proved its mettle as a reliable source of job opportunities.

There are a handful of niche verticals in the finance sector that promise attractive remunerations but also demand lofty qualifications.

One such sought-after vertical is Investment Banking.

Investment banking is quite a hyped market in 2022 and with good reason.

This segment of the vast financial industry assists multinational companies, investors, government and private institutions in terms of raising capital, launching Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and conducting mergers and acquisitions.

From giving financial advice to predicting market risks, investment bankers must ensure hassle-free transactions for clients.


If you want to pursue a career in investment banking you need to have a minimum bachelor's degree in finance, economics, accounting or business along with a keen interest in understanding complex financial transactions.

Organisations are looking for professionals with good analytical, critical and mathematical skills.

Some of the major investment banks that sought and hire Indian professionals include Barclays, BofA Merrill Lynch, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan to name a few.

Career scope

Considering the Indian investment banking market is emerging significantly, and many companies in the future will require investment banking services, the segment is bound to grow.

Assessing this growing trend in the market, many young professionals and students are taking investment banking courses to bag one of the high-paying jobs in the profession.

An investment banking professional can earn between Rs 600,000 per annum to Rs 7 million per annum.

If you are among the thousands of aspirants keen on pursuing a career in the investment banking space, here are five key job opportunities you can pursue.

1. Money Market Analyst

All investment banks are an integral part of the trading money industry. Naturally, they require professionally adept Money Market Analysts.

To be precise, Money Market Analysts conduct research and analyse short-term securities that have the potential to convert into highly profitable returns.

Money Market Analysts are now in high demand, with the Investment Banking and overall financial services industry growing exponentially.

2. Financial Analyst

As the name suggests, Financial Analysts collect and analyse financial data and provide comprehensive and deep-sighted insights.

They are also responsible for interpreting jargon-filled financial information and translating it into easy-to-understand terms and language for organisations.

For a fast-growing company, having a solid foothold in the financial segment is essential, and it is the primary role of a Financial Analyst to secure its financial standing.

Financial Analysts are pivotal in the Investment Banking industry as with their deep understanding of the financial world, they effectively cut operational costs and drive financial performance.

3. Risk Management Consultant

The role of Risk Management Consultant is a thriving one. Several new-age young professionals and fresh graduates are leaning towards becoming Risk Management Consultants.

A Risk Management Consultant is primarily responsible for interacting with clients, unearthing potential business risks, and cautioning the client/organisation about the same.

It is also their responsibility to patch any loopholes and pacify vulnerabilities in correlation to the business.

In addition, to assess all the possible inside-out risks, Risk Management Consultants often conduct internal audits and help the company strengthen its financial dynamics.

Similarly, investment banking organisations onboard Risk Management Consultants to stay a step ahead of any prospective financial challenges and market disruptions.

4. Investment Banking Associate

Becoming an Investment Banking Associate is a stepping stone for fresh graduates who are planning to get promoted and become hardcore Investment Bankers.

The chief role of an Investment Banking Associate is to meet with stakeholders like clients and investors on behalf of the Investment Banks.

They usually create presentations and meet with stakeholders to fortify their relationships with the investment bank.

A sought-after career, being an Investment Banking Associate can open several doors and enable you to climb the corporate ladder.

5. Anti-money Laundering Expert

Given the rapidly growing market dynamics, fraudulent activities have significantly evolved.

To address these risks and ensure that any fraudulent activity doesn't mar the reputation of the investment bank, Anti-money Laundering Experts are hired.

These experts conduct thorough due diligence before onboarding any client since clients play a vital role in the investment banking ecosystem.

Anti-money Laundering Experts are responsible for determining any potentially fraudulent transactions before they occur.

It is imperative to make the right decisions in today's fast-paced world, especially while graduating.

Lucrative courses like investment banking can pave the path towards a financially and socially secure future. Moreover, 2022 is shaping up as the year brimming with job opportunities for people who possess relevant skillsets.

Therefore, it is crucial for fresh graduates and young professionals to enroll in relevant certification courses to add more feathers to their introductory portfolio.

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