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The Indian Monsoon Tamasha

August 04, 2022 12:24 IST
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The wet, wet, wet months are a drudgery for many of us.

The dark skies, with grey clouds rolling along like elephants, are cheerless.

You can neither see the sun that much. Nor the moon.

Then there is the flooding. The mould. Leaking roofs. Leaking umbrellas.

The inexorable wetness. The oh-so-difficult work commutes.

Uttam Ghosh reveals how Urban India negotiates the monsoon in his inimitable style.


Drastic wardrobe restructuring is a necessity or you can land up at work looking like a soaked cat.


Sigh. The endless traffic snarls.


More sighs. Getting late to work.


Some are happy, of course, when it rains.


Raindrops are not music to the ears if you live in areas that get flooded even in 2 mm of rain...


Or if you are a city stray...


Or a pilot trying to land a plane in a thunderstorm.


The very rain we prayed for, we now implore our gods to take away.

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