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Pix: Inside the magnificent Mysore palace

July 08, 2018 10:30 IST

Rediff readers have been sharing their best travel memories. Have you shared your #India-Photos yet?
Today, we bring you photographs of Mysore Palace from Karnataka.

India photos

Arun Khanna had shared this photograph of the stunning Mysore palace from his first visit to Karnataka. 
The original structure was made from wood before it was burnt down. The current palace is made from stone and marble. 

India photos

Rajneesh Kumar Shukla sent us this image of the palace interiors. 

India photos

The palace is now converted into a museum.
Jyoti Prakash Dash snapped the tall pillars and the beautifully carved mahogany ceilings. 

India photos

Don't miss the real elephant head placed inside the palace, Jyoti Dash says.

India photos

Each archway is intricately designed. Photograph by Jyoti Prakash Dash

India photos

Such an architectural beauty! Photograph: Jyoti Prakash Dash

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