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The Secret to Tina's FAB Bod!

September 17, 2021 12:36 IST
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From crunching numbers at the stock market to yoga, beatboxing and gardening, is there anything Tina cannot do?
You'd be surprised!

Tina Desai

IMAGE: Tina Desai was a Kingfisher model before she made her Bollywood debut with the thriller, Yeh Faasley, in 2011. Photographs: Kind courtesy Tina Desai/Instagram 

Model-turned-actor Tina Desai is getting rave reviews for her performance in the recently released Mumbai Diaries 26/11.

The business management graduate, who made her debut with the television reality show, Get Gorgeous, in 2005 is multi-talented and has made optimum use of her time during the lockdown.

The former Kingfisher model spoke to Rediff Contributor Prateek Sur about her love for numbers, shuffle dancing, her newfound interest in yoga and, above all, the secret to keeping those gorgeous curls in place.

You’ve been shuttling between Mumbai and Los Angeles for some years now. How did you spend time in the lockdown?

I was thankfully home with my family, so I wasn't going mad about following safety measures.

Instead, I kept crazy busy. I had a fixed schedule for the week and a different schedule for the weekend.

I understood that the pandemic and the restrictions would not go away soon, so I decided to make the most of my time.

I am busy with the stock markets until 3:30 pm. That requires both analytical and creative skills. Once the markets shut, it's time for my Spanish lessons.

In the evening, I do yoga. I have been trying different postures and have upped my yoga game.

On weekends, I learned shuffle dancing. I have just learnt the moonwalk.

I learned beatboxing. I learned juggling to improve my hand-eye coordination.

I tried gardening. It’s a fun way to fool around and I am enjoying it.


Tina Desai

IMAGE: Tina's Instagram proves her love for yoga.

How did you bond with your family?

My family is very close-knit. That's why my parents moved to Mumbai.

We can't live separately and, luckily, all of us get along really well.

Even if one member leaves for a shoot or something, the house becomes quiet; we miss them.

I did miss my friends but we have Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp, so I was always connected with them.

I missed stepping out but this pandemic is the worst thing that could ever happen. So I was very realistic about what I could and could not do.

I had friends who were struggling and I was like 'pick up the phone and let’s speak.'


Tina Desai

IMAGE: The 34-year-old actor believes yoga adds flexibility to your fitness routine.

What's your idea of fitness? 

Fitness isn’t something that I am into because of my profession. It’s for everyone. Your doctor will tell you that. As you get older, your body will tell you that.

It’s very, very necessary.

I have added flexibility to my routine and I am seeing the difference.

I didn’t realise the importance of being flexible as I only used to gym. Yoga is something I have started recently. And I have realised your body will thank you for doing it.

In the metros, people go out and exercise. Now, it's happening in smaller towns too. People are learning the importance of fitness and are starting to accept it as part of their lifestyle.

How do you take care of your curls? 

(Laughs) I'm still struggling with it. The best thing is water.

When you're having a bad hair day, just dampen it with water and add in a leave-in conditioner; it'll work. Otherwise, tie it up.

You have to find your perfect products and work with them, understanding what's best for you.

Do not brush your hair when it is wet otherwise it will turn wildly frizzy. Let it air dry and that will enhance your curls.

Follow a proper diet -- eat salads, have fruit juices every day. Minimise fried food. 


Tina Desai

IMAGE: The secret to her toned bod -- her passion for fitness and healthy diet choices.

You started your career as a model. Do you miss the ramp? 

It's something I did at the start of my career.

I don’t miss it since I have always been more inclined towards acting.

Even the ad campaigns that I have done are more about performance than beauty.

I keep walking the ramp on and off during fashion week and things like that but it's not something I actively reach out for. 


Tina Desai

IMAGE: Your personality defines your career, says Tina.

What's your advice for young girls who are planning to enter showbiz or the modelling industry?

Work on your personality. What makes a character stand out is your input, your perspective and what you bring to the table.

I think that’s more interesting and unique instead of just mimicking someone.

Stay interested in everything you do; that's what makes it special.


Tina Desai

IMAGE: Just look at those curls!

When the pandemic is over, where would you like to jet to? 

I would love to go to Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, the Caribbean... basically any beachy place.

There's a whole world out there that I want to see. I would love to travel to places I've not been to before.

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