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This article was first published 2 years ago  » Getahead » 10 Daily Habits To Be HAPPY

10 Daily Habits To Be HAPPY

March 22, 2022 08:54 IST
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We live in a world where we crave appreciation.
We need to learn to appreciate ourselves instead of waiting for others to appreciate us, suggests Dr Manav Manchanda, director-respiratory medicine, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad.

How to be happy

Kindly note the image has been posted only for representational purposes. Photograph: Kind courtesy Diana Penty/Instagram

There may be a time when you feel that your happiness is fading away in a world filled with virtual realities, growth stress and competition.

In our quest for perfection and appreciation, we have lost our sense of real happiness and forgot to laugh our hearts out.

The chaos around us has filled our brains with negative thoughts and affected our mental health to a great extent.

While there may be different reasons for each of you to be happy in life, here are 10 simple things you can do every day to stay cheerful:

1. Exercise

While we are aware of the benefits of daily exercise on our health, it also has a positive effect on our mental health.

Just 30 minutes of daily exercise can freshen up your mood for the whole day.

It boosts your pleasure by raising your pulses and allowing more oxygen to reach your brain, which lessens anxiety and despair.

2. Maintain sleep cycle

A pleasant and productive attitude is the outcome of a decent night's sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours.

Sleep influences our sensitivity to negativity and optimism.

People who work all day without getting enough sleep or a nap tend to get annoyed, afraid, and enraged over minor issues.

People need to realise that our brains become fatigued in the same way as our bodies do and that we must allow our brains to rest in order for them to operate successfully again.

When our brains are fresh and we are productive, we immediately feel happier.

3. Eat well

When you are broken inside, you will crave to eat something sweet like ice cream or chocolates. It will immediately make you feel better that is because Serotonin, a feel-good hormone, is released by carbohydrates.

However, this is a temporary measure.

In the long run, you must minimise simple carbs, sugary meals, and starchy foods because the energy spike is short and will lead you to collapse soon after.

Complex carbs are desirable, such as those found in vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

Lean meat, chicken, legumes, and dairy are all high in protein. These foods release dopamine and norepinephrine, which boost energy and concentration. High-processed or deep-fried foods can make you feel melancholy.

4. Calm your mind

After or before a hectic day it is important for you to clean your mind and let your brain be quiet for clear and creative thinking.

It removes stress and helps you to sort through your thoughts in a calm and non-judgmental manner.

Meditation enhances problem-solving skills. When your problems are sorted and you feel less stressed, it makes you happy, and with a calmer mind -- you feel happy inside out.

Regular meditation can help sustain happiness in your life.

5. Take a deep breath

Taking ten deep breaths can help you relax and feel happy.

The daily hustle and bustle of life leaves us with little time to slow down and relax.

In order to achieve that elusive 'inner zen,' it's critical to remember why you're doing the things that are making you feel stressed; whether it's responsibilities related to your job or anything else.

It is guaranteed that you'll feel revitalised for the day ahead with just two minutes in a quiet environment where you can take the time to relax and let go of all your problems.

Deep breathing signals the brain to relax, loosening stiff muscles and allowing for pleasant free thinking.

6. Spend time with your loved ones

When no one understands you and you feel the need to connect and share your problems with someone, you should go out and spend time with your loved ones.

It could be your family or friends. It is better than staying in bed all day and having negative thoughts.

It's critical to maintain meaningful interactions outside of commitments and to avoid isolating oneself from society.

Staying in bed is considerably less likely to help you reach ultimate happiness than maintaining solid relationships with friends and family.

7. Maintain a gratitude journal

When you have no one to share your feelings or you prefer not to share things with people, you can note it down in your diary. You can do the same for gratitude.

Writing down notes of gratitude fosters positive thinking. And reading it out lets off the negative thoughts and motivates you when you feel low.

You can read them and realise that you have good things to focus on and can move forward with the same.

8. Do what you love

Staying inside your home or office with workload can make you feel depressed and bored.

Find time out for the things you love -- be it sketching, traveling, painting, gardening etc.

Doing these things will distract your mind and keep you engage in activities of your interest which will help you get refreshed and feeling happy.

9. Appreciate yourself

We live in a world where we crave appreciation. We need to learn to appreciate ourselves instead of waiting for others to appreciate us.

Take time and think about the good things -- your hard work, and your achievements -- and appreciate yourself for trying your best and promise to be better at whatever you do.

10. Learn something new

Learning isn't limited to the classroom or the institution.

Whether we realise it or not, we are all continually learning new things. It's simply a part of life, and it's not something to be ashamed of.

It is always advantageous to learn a new skill or subject, and you never know when it will come in handy.

Our brains release dopamine when we learn something new, which serves to urge us to complete a task, usually in quest of a reward.

The only reward is the satisfaction of having completed the task.

This not only makes you feel accomplished, but it also offers you more skills and knowledge that you can apply to the interests of individuals around you, allowing you to socialise more effectively.

Nothing gets a friendship off to a better start than a shared interest.

You'll automatically increase your self-esteem, your ability to relate to others, and your ability to do more in your life.

Remember, you are the only person who can give yourself reasons to be happy.

Keep finding things in life to make it more exciting and beautiful.

Do not keep your problems to yourself; speak it out with the person you are comfortable with and you are sure to get the right solutions.

Communication and socialising can be a better option to save happiness in your life.

Disclaimer: All content and media herein is written and published online for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. It should not be relied on as your only source for advice.

Please always seek the guidance of your doctor or a qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition. Do not ever disregard the advice of a medical professional, or delay in seeking it because of something you have read herein.

If you believe you may have a medical or mental health emergency, please call your doctor, go to the nearest hospital, or call emergency services or emergency helplines immediately. If you choose to rely on any information provided herein, you do so solely at your own risk.

Opinions expressed herein cannot necessarily provide advice to fit the exact specifics of the issues of the person requesting advice.

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