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TELL US: What's your Work From Home story?

By Rediff Get Ahead
March 15, 2021 09:24 IST
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What is the one image/incident that defined Work From Home for you? Tell us.

Work from home

IMAGE: Kindly note this image has been used for representational purposes only. Photograph: Kind courtesy Ketut Subiyanto/

March 2020.

As the month began, there were rumours and some uncertainty in the air about a new disease.

We didn't know then, that by the time the month ended, COVID-19 would turn our lives upside down. Forever.

COVID made us prisoners in our own homes.

It tore us apart from our family, our friends, our colleagues.

The streets were deserted.

So were the offices.


Among the many lessons, and the new ways of living, we had to learn was WFH. Work From Home.

Which presented its own set of challenges.

What problems did you face as you WFH?

From finding the right spot for a video call to the blender suddenly whirring up in the kitchen right in the middle of an important presentation?

From your child demanding your time when you were working to your mother talking to you when you are concentrating on something 'because it looked like you were only staring at your laptop'.

What is the one image/incident that defined the Work From Home phenomena for you?

Please share the photograph and story with us. Or you could share the one story about WFH that still remains in your memory.

Do include your Name, Age, The kind of work you do and Where you are from. Sent your WFH story to (Subject: My WFH story) and we will publish the best responses right here.

And while many of you may have resumed work at the office, please remember to wear your mask, to sanitise and maintain social distancing.

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