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WFH: 10 healthy tips for young professionals

February 05, 2021 14:17 IST
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Feeling skillful isn't just about efficiency, says Aditya Bafna, MD, CEO, Seva Group.
Self-discipline positively affects well-being practices, including weight control and exercise.

How to create a healthy workplace

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We are in 2021 and the new normal, working from home, is here to stay.

While for a lot of working professionals, their profession allowed them to stay at home and work remotely even otherwise, for others it was an unchartered territory.

Even though the new working lifestyle has its own benefits, several men and women have been struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst the chaos.

The abundance of snacks available just around the bedroom or the collision of private and professional life, there is something that’s been bothering everyone.

Hence, these tips will help remotely working professionals make the most of the current circumstances:

1. Create your own office space

Use a space in your house that is assigned exclusively for work. Your bed ought to be restricted to rest as it was.

Taking work related tools to your bed could disrupt your sleep pattern as well as productivity.

What's more, working from your lounge chair can make send wrong signals to your brain and could even mess make you feel lethargic.

Regardless of whether you live in a small studio apartment or a big house, set up a workstation and chair separately.

2. Create a morning routine

Humans like to form habits and that is somewhat on the grounds that normally causes us to intellectually and plan for things.

Regardless of whether it's having an espresso each day when your wake up, doing some morning stretches before work begins or taking your pet for a walk, making a morning schedule can significantly assist you with preparing for the workday at home.

3. Take breathers

It can be anything but difficult to get out of your seat, particularly when you feel comfortable in that spot.

Set a clock or utilise a fitness tracker to remind you to get up and stretch once every couple of hours, and make a point to go outside, even to stroll around in a park and get some daylight and natural air.

4. Schedule time for exercise

It's a well-known fact that individuals who exercise consistently feel good and have more energy.

Indeed, remotely professionals will in general be more productive than their office partners in the first place.

When you put enough time and energy in exercise, even you have an option increase your productivity further.

This implies you can broaden the gap between yourself and your office-bound rivalries, and on top of that you can be better too.

5. Get a good night's sleep

Prolonged absence of rest can disturb your immunity and can make you more powerless to regular flu-like symptoms.

If your lack of sleep continues, it can influence your general wellbeing, and you will be inclined to serious ailments, for example, coronary illness, hypertension, and diabetes.

Finally, risks of injury and mishaps at work or home fundamentally increase when you get excessively get drained from the lack of rest.

6. Limit your screen time

Track your hours and keep yourself responsible.

Try not to allow work to keep you occupied even in your own time, or the other way around.

Watch out for how long you're spending time on digital devices consistently.

7. Wake up and dress up for work-from-home

Instead of remaining in your night robe the entire day, put on an outfit you'd probably wear to the workplace.

Feeling skillful isn't just about efficiency; rather, self-discipline positively affects well-being practices, including weight control and exercise.

8. Connect with colleagues regularly

Loneliness, disengagement and detachment are basic issues in distant work life.

Make the most of occasions to meet co-workers, talk about basic interests and have face to face meetups.

Ensuring you sustain connections is significant to psychological well-being -- particularly when working distantly.

9. Spare time for yourself

Scheduled time away from work is vital when working from home. It will keep you normal.

It is exceptionally simple to get busy with work.

Ever met an engineer who doesn't have an outsourcing business or side task out of their daytime work? Never.

Thus, take out time for yourself and do something in it that makes you happy.

10. Eat right, no joke

Now that we have ample time in the world to plan and prepare our own meals, there is no way we cannot not make the most of this period.

Eating healthy and eating right are the two utmost important responsibilities we have towards our body and often in the middle of our hustle bustle, we forget it.

However, now you can get yourself a healthy and conscious meal in the solace of your own home.

Staying committed to mindful eating requires a lot of efforts, it’s difficult than opting for fad diets and far more beneficial for your mind and body.

Alongside clean eating, focus on the quantity and the number of meals as one can easily overeat while staying in. This will also help in keeping your body active and you, productive.

It is very easy to get consumed in a lifestyle that seems easy on us, but it is very difficult to keep ourselves determined throughout the time we are working from home.

These tips will help the millennial professionals work efficiently and effectively from home.

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