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'My Husband Was My Therapist'

May 15, 2024 17:06 IST
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When you look at pictures of to-be mammas flaunting their baby bump or candid images with their newborn babies, what comes to your mind? cute. How adorable!

Isn't motherhood such a beautiful experience?

While that's what everyone might think, isn't necessarily so for all women.

Have you heard of postpartum depression?

Have any of your friends told you how overwhelming it was to become a parent?

How motherhood made them cry, altered their moods, sleeping patterns, eating habits and overall physical and mental health? How it affected their career or relationships?

Recently, entrepreneur Upasana Konidela, movie star Ram Charan's wife, emphasised the importance of having a supportive partner when you become a mother.

'Ram Charan has been my strength throughout,' Upasana told Hyderabad Times (external link).

Upasana with Ram Charan

IMAGE: Upasana and Ram Charan with their daughter Klin Kaara and pet Rhyme. Photograph: Kind courtesy Upasana Konidela/Instagram

Speaking about her challenge with postpartum depression, Upasana revealed how Ram Charan supported her in the journey.

'My husband was my therapist and moved in with me to my parents' place.

I understand that it's not the same for all mothers, so it's vital for them to prioritise their well-being and seek professional assistance when needed.'

Many parents face such issues.

Dear mothers, did you face any challenges after you delivered your baby?

Tell us how you dealt with postpartum problems.

Did you take help from your parents, your friends and your partner?

Do you have any tips for expectant mothers that you would like to share with us?

Dear fathers, how did you cope with the process? How did you help your partner? What did you learn in the process?

Please mail us your experiences at (Subject: My postpartum story) along with your name, the place where you live and your picture; you could also share your picture with your partner and your baby if you are comfortable doing so.

We will publish the best responses on

Upasana with Ram Charan, daughter Klin Kaara and pet Rhyme

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