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10 Things To Know About Motherhood

March 03, 2022 13:06 IST
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You'll unfortunately have people wonder in shock as to why you're not ecstatic, considering you just had a beautiful baby, observes entrepreneur and influencer Jennifer Mulchandani.

What to know about motherhood

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Motherhood is amazing, isn't it?

All those sleepless nights and difficult tantrums seem worth it when you see that toothless smile or get one tiny kiss from your little one.

When my friends had children, they made it look so simple. And I always wondered how they managed it.

Then there's me -- tired all the time with everyday being a struggle.

And that made me wonder why we haven't normalised discussing every aspect of being a mom - no matter how unglorified.

So let's get real.

If you are planning to have a baby or become a parent in the near future, here are a few things you must be prepared for:

1. Lack of sleep and stress is normal

The first three months can be traumatic since your baby doesn't sleep and needs to be fed every two hours.

So, sleep seems like a distant memory; coupled with the stress of not producing enough milk.

2. Post partum depression is real

That post partum phase which for some doesn't seem to leave, makes you feel low and just not yourself.

You feel stuck and unable to find happiness. But wait, it gets better.

You'll unfortunately have people wonder in shock as to why you're not ecstatic, considering you just had a beautiful baby.

But words seem to be playing hide and seek and you just want to run away.

3. The endless conversation around breastfeeding

Breastfeeding needs another whole conversation.

Either you're shaming yourself because you're not producing enough milk or you're constantly worried to not be leaking or wearing a very fitted bra.

And if that's not enough, then there's always breast engorgement and cracked nipples to look forward to.

4. Your body won't feel the same again

Say goodbye to that bikini bod -- it's going to take you a while before you see that again.

Regular exercise and a good diet helps, but the stretch marks just need to be worn as your superwoman stripes.

5. Mom's guilt is a thing

If you get back to work, you'll be blessed with the support from your family but might still feel the guilt of leaving her behind.

But you'll also learn the true art of multi-tasking like never before.

6. You can't stay away for long

The first time you will have to leave behind your little one and make him/her feel independent is not going to be an easy one.

That first day of school will probably be as hard for you as it is for your little pudding but it does get better with time.

7. Food tantrums and picky eaters

If you thought deciding what to eat for dinner was hard, wait till you're planning your baby's menu (read multiple mini healthy snacks and 4 meals a day) to only have all that food thrown back at you and fed to her clothes, your hall and everything else but her.

8. The not-so-welcome wake up alarms

Then there are those 2 am human alarm wake up calls when she just wants to cuddle.

Cute right? Maybe not so much when it's almost all night, every day of the week!

9. You'll always be tired

You're always tired no matter how much energy rich food you stuff yourself with or vitamins you take.

10. Your priorities will change

And saving the best for last, no matter where you are or what you're doing, you'll always be thinking about what your mini me is upto.

Is s/he okay? Is s/he safe? Is s/he happy?

Maybe s/he needs you and just like that, you'll drop everything to be with her and avoid feeling that guilt.

Jennifer Mulchandani was 21 when she started her womenswear fashion brand Je Couturier. Currently, she is helping start-ups improve their strategies and storytelling through her start-up, The Boutique Project.

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