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Fat to fit: How I lost 30 kg after pregnancy

Last updated on: September 24, 2020 12:55 IST
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Suhani Sheshodia shares her incredible weight loss journey.

Suhani Seshodia

IMAGE: Suhani Sheshodia, 33, weighed 90 kg in September 2015. She is 60 kg now. Photographs: Kind courtesy Suhani Seshodia

I weighed 90 kg on the day of my delivery in September 2015.

While everyone told me not to be worried about my weight I couldn't help but be constantly worried about how I could get back to my old, fitter self.

In my mind I knew I will slog endlessly, but I was apprehensive because I had no clue what changes life was going to throw at me.

My weight loss journey

In February 2016, I went for my first walk one month after my delivery.

I wasn't very consistent till my baby was about four months.

I looked for a small route -- of which I took several rounds -- instead of going for a bigger route.

I wanted to be around and closer to home if my baby cried or wanted me.

I gradually started shedding weight. It was slow but very steady. And that was my biggest motivation.

I was told that the best time to lose all the pregnancy weight is the one year after you deliver. And I can absolutely vouch for it.

I started loving that one hour brisk walk with my baby in the pram.

I'd look at him, talk to him, show him around as I walked even though he was very tiny. I did this till he was almost three.

On a smoother road I would also jog a little.

However, after a while I felt the need to combine the walks with something else for faster results. Something my body was not used to.

I started with gentle yoga and rigorous skipping -- 15 minutes of skipping (600-800) skipping jumps and 45 minutes of gentle yoga.

I had to wake up much earlier than usual. But I set a routine for myself.

To begin with yoga all by myself was a little challenging. I started at home with the help of books and social media, mostly fitness videos on Instagram and YouTube.

Yoga did wonders to my body and mind.

Some photographs of Suhani acing yoga:

Suhani Sheshodia doing yoga

Suhani Sheshodia doing yoga

Suhani Sheshodia doing yoga

Suhani Sheshodia doing yoga

Suhani Sheshodia doing yoga

Some healthy habits I followed

Once I started working out, I realised I didn’t really have to change my diet too much. 

These are some habits that worked for me:

  • One glass of water half an hour before meals. No water between and one hour after meals.
  • 30 minutes of gentle stroll after meal.
  • Oily, refined flour, and sweets once in a week only. I limited heavy Indian meals like chole bhature, chole rice, rajma, kala chana to once in a week.
  • It’s been over 10 years and I strictly follow 'walk while you talk'. Whenever I get a phone call, I walk and talk.
  • Replaced brown sugar or boora instead of refined sugar.
  • Replaced rock salt instead of refined salt.

My diet

  • I have simple Indian meals and have fried food, refined flour delicacies and refined sugar in moderation.
  • I start my day with a glass or two of lukewarm water.
  • I don't take tea or coffee.
  • I use clarified butter aka ghee to prepare my meals.
  • Breakfast: Boiled eggs or omelette with very less clarified butter/ sprouts/ cereals/brown bread sandwich/poha/upma.
  • Lunch: Simple home-cooked meals. More of dal, veggies, curd and salad. Roti/rice thrice in a week. I don't combine roti and rice. I also include ragi/ millet flour.
  • Dinner: Soup/steamed veggies/sprout chaat/idli.
  • Snacking: Raw tomatoes/cucumber with salt, suji rusk, roasted gram, roasted makhana, dry fruits and fresh fruits.

At the end of 15 months, I was able to lose 30 kg. My current weight is 60 kg.

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