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'We end up quarrelling with the pantry car staff'

November 13, 2015 16:19 IST
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We had asked you, dear readers, to share memories of what you ate on train journeys.

Here are a two more responses:

Rediff reader Ramesh Kumar from Bhopal writes:

"I used to travel by Frontier Mail to New Delhi and back.

"The food served in this train was definitely 5 star; there is no doubt about that. I used to say that to many of my friends too!

"But these days, I have to say that it is better we don’t accept or purchase train food.

"As the country progresses these are some of the things which have progressed negatively."

Reader V Sriraman writes:

"The meals served on Indian trains are horrible.

"Their quantity and quality are not up to the mark.

"The coffee and tea served too are of lesser quantity.

"The attendants tend to give less quantity and you have no option but to accept it.

"The quality of the breakfast and lunch served is very inferior.

"Every time we travel by train, we end up quarrelling with the pantry car staff; they behave like they are serving food free of charge to passengers.

"The Honourable Railway Minister should conduct a surprise visit and check the quality of the food served on trains.

"If he too faces the difficulties and hardships faced by the public, only then will proper action be taken.

"For long journeys in sleeper class, carrying food from home is not always possible as the food becomes cold, and cannot be consumed by old and sick people."


'I ordered egg curry for lunch, it was stinking'

'Breakfast in Frontier Mail was 5 star'

Have you travelled by Indian Railways? Share your memories of the meals you have had on Indian trains.

If you have pictures, send us those as well. Mail us at and we will feature the best entries on Rediff.comand India Abroad.

Don't forget to mention your NAME, AGE and the place where you LIVE.

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