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'I ordered egg curry for lunch, it was stinking'

November 10, 2015 16:05 IST
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We'd asked you, dear readers, to share your memories of what you ate on train journeys.

Here, Dr Pranveer Singh tells us how the quality of food has come down over the years.

You can share your experiences too.

Dr Pranveer Singh from Amarkantak frequently travels between Bilaspur, Madhya Pradesh and Pune, Maharashtra by train.

Here, he talks about the poor quality meals served in the Azad Hind Express.

"I used to travel a lot by Indian Railways, but unfortunately, I don't have very good experience to share," Singh says.

"I particularly frequent the Bilaspur to Pune route. However, on this route the breakfast, lunch and dinner are all casually cooked, stale, tasteless, unhygienic and too expensive.

"Recently, on my visit to Bilaspur from Pune by Azad Hind Express, I ordered a vegetarian meal for dinner.

"The potatoes used in the curry were not peeled, which gave it a bad taste.

"The other vegetables, dal and rice were also tasteless.

"Going by my experience, I ordered egg curry for lunch, but to my horror, the egg was stinking! It had become very rubbery, and made me want to throw up right away.

"The same rule applies for the tea or coffee served; it feels as though you’re drinking hot water.

"Based on my 10 years of travelling experience, I feel that there was never a standard for meals served on Indian trains, including on the Rajdhani or Duronto.

"However, now it has touched rock-bottom. God save us, how low it will sink from here."


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Have you travelled by Indian Railways? Share your memories of the meals you have had on Indian trains. If you have pictures, send us those as well. Mail us and we will feature the best entries on and India Abroad. Don't forget to mention your NAME, AGE and the place where you LIVE.

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