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This article was first published 8 years ago  » Getahead » Valuable life lessons for 20-somethings from a 20 something

Valuable life lessons for 20-somethings from a 20 something

By Chhaya Ranka
Last updated on: June 03, 2015 22:00 IST
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Words of advice from Oscar award-winning actors are all very fine. How about some from a 20-year-old?

Mass media student Chhaya Ranka has a few things to say.

(Psst. You can share your #LifeLessons too! What has been the greatest learning of your life? Post it on ZaraBol -- #LifeLessons -- and we will publish the most relevant responses right here on!)

1. Not everything happens according to us

Photographs: Kerri Lee Smith/Creative Commons

Your boss won't work according to you.

Your cousin won't change the date of her marriage.

Your boyfriend will breakup with you if he has to.

It's called life. Deal with it.

2. People come and go. Life goes on forever

Remember that time when you were crying because you had a fight with your best friend.

Who cares now? S/he doesn't.

And probably you don't too.

3. Chocolate is heavenly but it makes us fat

Chocolate is sweet. Chocolate is yummy.

Who wants food when you can have chocolate?

But who wants to grow fat when you can be healthy?

4. You can't always live with your parents

You are daddy's little girl and mummy's spoilt brat.

You are always going to stay that way.

Stop living your life under their shadow and start doing things on your own.

Learn something new. Study some course.

Get a job and earn money.

The satisfaction of earning your own money is worth it.

But don't indulge into illegal activities.

5. The only person who matters the most is you

It isn't wrong to take care of yourself.

It isn't wrong to make yourself the most important person in your life.

Do yourself a favour and love yourself so much that it will be difficult for people to hurt you.

6. Our siblings are our first best friends

They know how weird we are.

But they never give up on us.

Even after some huge fights and arguments they always have our backs.

7. Money can only buy materialistic things

Feelings and emotions can never be forced upon.

But as Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl says "Whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop".

That is a totally different case then :-)

8. Smile a lot. People are watching you always

Yes. Smile.

As much as you can.

You never know who falls for that beautiful smile of yours.

PS: Avoid roadside creeps though.

9. Respect your elders

Listen to what they have to say.

Best lessons can come to you from them.

It isn't always required that you do whatever they say.

Just listen to them and respect them.

10. No one can and no one will ever love you much as your family loves you

The last time I cried over a breakup was years ago but I remember how my brother was ready to team up with his friends and bash the ex-boyfriend.

Even though it was my mistake, my mother cursed the ex.

Even after all the wrong things you do, your family accepts you.

11. Movies are fictional

Apart from historical movies, Bollywood lies all the time.

Not all stories have a happily ever after.

In fact, all romantic comedies and action films and superhero films are lie.

A spider bit me two years ago; I didn't turn into Spiderwoman.

Drive a car at the speed of 200kmph and in a matter of time you will be fighting for your life.

12. A perfect figure isn't everything

Being healthy and taking care of your weight is a very good thing.

Some people love your inner beauty more.

In fact most people do.

Life is much more beyond a perfect figure.

What is the point of having a perfect figure when you know it won't last forever?

Even if you are too thin or too fat, what matters most is your personality and how you make others around you feel.

13. Career is important

Build your career.

Learn new things.

Meet new people.

Make new connections.

A few years from now you will look back and realise there are a lot of things you wanted to do but didn't or couldn't.

Leave no regrets.

14. Life is full of priorities and choices

Family and career should always come first.

Then if you have time, get into relationships.

Now who wants to be a housewife or jobless?

15. General knowledge is an asset

A little bit of GK about the world does no harm.

The added benefit is you get to talk to anyone and everyone.

16. Everything happens for a reason

Bad things happen so that we understand what the good things are.

Good things happen to prepare us for the best things.

17. Fall in love. Date the wrong people

After every bad date you will realise who you really wish to be with.

It will also help you in becoming the kind of person you have always wanted to be.

18. Make mistakes

Make as many mistakes as you can. Learn from them.

But don't repeat them.

You can share your #LifeLessons too! What has been the greatest learning of your life? Post it on ZaraBol -- #LifeLessons -- and we will publish the most relevant responses right here on!

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Chhaya Ranka
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