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SEE: 10 year old makes sanitiser at home

By Nandini Sharma
Last updated on: March 23, 2020 10:51 IST
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We've been asking you, dear readers, to tell us how you've been keeping COVID-19 away.
Here's how a 10 year old from Delhi made himself useful.

Sabeeir Sharma makes sanitiser at home

Sabeeir Sharma, 10, who studies in KR Mangalam World School GK 2 in Delhi has been home most of February and March.

When schools were suspended, he was initially elated.

But soon, the family had to cancel all plans, including lunch with his friends and the family dinner they had planned as part of his 10th birthday on March 19.

Sabeeir's mother Nandini says: "Sabeeir has started showing signs of lethargy and crankiness which is increasing day by day. We are trying to cut down on his screen time as we noticed a direct impact on his mood. He was totally closed to suggestions of activities like colouring etc. So starting Saturday, I asked Sabeeir to help me out with house work and take responsibility for all his stuff like washing his own utensils and clothes, making his own breakfast sometimes for his father also. He is also helping his father and me with dusting, sweeping and cooking. This really gained his interest and he felt like he was doing something useful with himself. In fact he came to me yesterday and said 'Mummy, now you don’t need to worry, I can take care of the entire house." 

Check the video to see how Sabeeir taught himself to make a sanitiser at home.

"I first read up online. Then I checked with my dad who is a math and science teacher and made it myself at home," Sabeeir told

Sabeeir's parents had gifted him a guitar on his birthday. Every day, he logs on to YouTube and is slowly teaching himself to strum it.

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