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7 Easy Asanas for Good Health

August 16, 2021 09:09 IST
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Yogini and wellness expert Shweta Singh tells you how to begin your yoga journey.

Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years.

Yoga refers to the physical, mental and spiritual practices that work 360 degrees on your body and keep it aligned with the cosmic energy.

Though there are more than 80 different yoga asanas for you to perfect, some of them can easily be a part of your daily routine.

Here are some asanas you can try at home:

All photographs: Kind courtesy Shweta Singh

1. Uttan Padasana (Raised leg pose)

Raised leg pose

It is a simple asana which you can do by lying on your back and raising your legs at an angle of about 45 degrees (variations include 60 degrees and 90 degrees) while breathing in slowly.

This asana gives relief from lower back pain and strengthens abdominal muscles.

Those with high blood pressure, ulcer or any kind of surgery must avoid this asana.


2. Shashank Asana (Child's Pose)

Shashank Asana

This asana is also known as the Hare Pose or the Pose of the Moon.

To do this, you need to sit in the Vajrasana by kneeling on the floor and bringing your toes together.

Next, lower your buttocks and touch your heels to the sides of your hips.

Place hands on your thighs, close your eyes and be relaxed.

This asana tones the pelvic muscles, relieves constipation and helps control anger.


3. Ashwachalan Asana (Equestrian Pose)

Equestrian Pose

This asana is a low lunge posture. It is done by bringing the right leg in front making an angle of 90 degrees between calf and thigh.

The knee must be aligned with the ankle and fingers should be touching the ground to keep the body balanced.

Now, look towards the sky and hold the position for few seconds.

This asana stimulates the abdominal organs.


4. Ardhya Matsyendra Asana (Lord of the Fishes Pose) 

Lord of the Fishes pose

For this, you need to sit on the floor.

Now gently slide your left foot under the right leg and then put your right foot over left leg, keeping the right knee pointing towards the ceiling.

When done accurately, this asana improves postural awareness and greatly stimulates proper digestion.


5. Ustra Asana (Camel Pose)

Ustra Asana

This asana is done by standing on your knees, placing the hands behind on the floor and then lifting the hip to the outer side.

The arch made with the back and spine affects the kidney, heart and lung meridians of the body.


6. Vriksha Asana (Tree Pose)

Tree pose

To perform this asana, stand straight and place the right foot on the left inner thigh.

The standing foot must point straight and right hip will be raised higher than the left.

This asana helps in establishing strength and balance of the body and legs.

It also aids in fighting fatigue and strengthening your core.


7. Dhyan Asana (Meditation Pose)

Meditation pose

There are different dhyan asanas including padma (lotus pose), siddha (perfect or accomplished pose), swastika (auspicious pose) and sukha (easy pose).

You can choose any one of these and should sit in it as long as you can.

Bring all the positive thoughts to your mind and realise your powerful existence in this world.

Dhyan asanas promote good appetite and happiness.


All the asanas discussed above are easy to be included even in your schedule. All they take is just 30 minutes (minimum) of your time.

Once you start performing them on regular basis, you will yourself witness improvement in your both mental and physical health.

However, note that all these asanas must be performed correctly. If you are not confident enough to practice them alone then you must seek guidance of a yoga guru or a fitness guru to reap the maximum benefits of yoga.

Remember, health is wealth!

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