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Aisha Sharma's gorgeous US vacay

January 15, 2021 12:54 IST
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Aisha Sharma's stunning travel pics are bound to make you envious.

IMAGE: A 'very happy Aisha' at Clearwater Beach in Florida.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Aisha Sharma/Instagram


IMAGE: 'Not chasing the perfect hair or the perfect photo.
'Just seizing moments.
'Cause 2020 taught me everything is fleeting.
'And the gratification Instagram brings you is the most fleeting of them all.'


IMAGE: Aisha's pic of the beautiful Chicago skyline. Long-time Chicago resident Barack Obama will feel nostalgic!


IMAGE: From Key West, Florida, Aisha had a special message for her Instagram family: 'I hope 2021 is good to you and is full of all things that bring you joy -- whatever joy is for you.'


IMAGE: 'We don't need objects; we need adventures,' asserts Aisha. We couldn't agree more!

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