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Why you shouldn't give your kid too many toys!

By Zofeen Maqsood
September 22, 2017 10:03 IST
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Here's why you need to think twice before spending too much money on your kids.


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Parenting is a funny business.

Despite the fact that most parents do their best in raising their kids, they are often fraught with worries on if their efforts work in the best interest for their kids.

To make matters worse somebody or the other (read friends, relatives, nosy aunts) is always on the fence about how you can be a better parent.

Sometimes in order to prove to our own selves how good we are as parents, we end up spending more than what is necessary on kids.

While there is no rule book that tells us how much to spend on kids, it all depends on your financial situation and your family circumstances.

But there is one thing for sure -- there are a few expenses that are certified (well, almost! by veteran parents) as wasteful spends.

In case you are putting your money into any of these fancy spends then you need to stop now. You can thank us later for the saved bucks.

Fancy gadgets

This had to top the list.

Despite the news about advanced learning for kids and even First World countries using gadget based study formulae for kids, you need to relax and remember one simple thing: a book can teach your child a lot more than a mind numbing gadget.

So can a walk in the park or a weekend spent in a village.

The old technique of unstructured play is making a comeback in most advanced countries.

Researches have shown that kids learn many more life skills by simply observing life around them.

Giving them a structured course to parrot at a certain age does no good as kids grasp things only when they are ready to.

After all, if tech gurus such as the late Steve Jobs and royalties like Kate Middleton have barred their kids from using the iPads and other tablets, then there must have been some validated reason behind it.

Expensive holidays

Now before you say that experiences teach a lot more than staying at home, let us assure you that we agree with you.

But experiences have to be real, not exotic.

You may take your kids to a fancy hotel with fish floating in a life-size aquarium visible from the room, but believe us a child will learn more from a rustic fishing trip to a village pond.

Showing the true connection between nature, our life and how ecosystem works have a longer impact than viewing life from a swish but synthetic viewpoint.

Too many toys

Yes, kids need to be rewarded and they also need to be bought some toys as keeping a stock of their things teaches them important lessons such as belongingness.

However, there is a difference between buying and showering.

Always play restraint when buying toys for kids.

While you must consider things like quality and safety, ensure that you do not overspent.

Some researches have also shown that excess of toys can cause concentration problem in kids.

It is a proven fact that having few but valuable possessions are far better than an excess of things.

Needless to add, no parent likes to clear a huge mess of toys on a daily basis.

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