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Need some ultra-glam travel inspiration? Read on!

By Rediff Get Ahead
August 18, 2018 17:30 IST
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Hot Parsi actor-turned-travel vlogger Shenaz Treasury's breathtaking travel pics will fuel your wanderlust.

VJ-turned-model Shenaz Treasury has a exciting new career and you wouldn't mind swapping jobs with her. 

A travel and lifestyle blogger, she has been sharing videos and photographs of her fascinating escapades with her followers on Instagram. 


With over 3,50,000 followers on the social-media photo-sharing app, she has truly earned the title of 'travel influencer'. 

We'd love to ask her where's she is headed next!

Scroll down to see some of her envy-inducing travel pix. 

Read her interview here! 'Posting sexy pix is no way to become a vlogger'

Who wouldn't want to get pampered in a spa in Bali. Shenaz's photos give her fans a sneak peek into some of the most exotic spas across the world. All photographs: Courtesy @shenaztreaury/Instagram

Care for a bubble bath to drown your stress and worries? 'In New York, dreaming of the Maldives. This @kandolhu Island was heavenly and the best part was having a bath in the morning with my private pool on one side and the ocean on the other 3 sides!' she captions this beautiful pic...

Breakfast by the pool at Wapa di Ume Resort, Ubud.

Hop on the Golden Charriot! This was the most glamorous train she's traveled on.

Paddle boarding near a luxurious island in the Maldives.

Don't you want to swap places with her right now? She's at the Royal Mirage's Grand Pool in Dubai.

Shehnaz Treasury

'Drink snow, have adventures, taste life,' she advises her followers.

Shehnaz Treasury

'Guess I'm the catch of the day.' Don't you wish you were in the Maldives as well?

Shehnaz Treasury

She's in love with the pristine waters of Copenhagen, Denmark. Are you?

Shehnaz Treasury

The runaway bride in Jackson Heights. Reminds you of a certain dulhaniya, hmmm?
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