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Host a fantastic party when on a budget

By Abhishek Agarwal
November 10, 2015 09:31 IST
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Here are 6 simple ways to do it!

All right, so you don't want to stress over the budget when you have to invite your friends over! It's a party after all and the idea is to have fun. Whether it's a weekend get together, a workday karaoke night or your birthday party, there are many ways to have a great time with your friends without spending a fortune.

Read on to know more.

Just because you are on a budget does not mean happiness and celebration have to be restricted. A fabulous party comprises of amazing music, scrumptious food and interesting decor.

To have a rocking party it is important to set the right mood and maintain the energy right till the end. Now none of these things require busting your budget.

Read on to know how to throw an awesome party without parting with the stack of cash.

1. Do the decor yourself!

A large part of party budgets is allotted to the decor. And of course, it is important because that's what makes a party look like one! Walk into any party decor shop or outsource the task, both ways you will be good to go but it will cost you a bomb.

Instead, put up the decor from the things which you already have at home. Fairy lights, vases, crystals, Xmas tree decoration stuff, balloons, glitter and candles! Think creative.

Make centerpieces, hang decoration items around edges and put up some near the entrance. And get the party started!

2. Carry favourites

Ask the invitees to carry their favourite food or drink with them. Even music is welcome. That way there will be a huge pool of things already on the table.

Now add yours to it and voila the spread is ready!

A lot of people these days prefers this option since it means everybody can contribute to the party in some way and there are no obligations to host another party on anyone.

Win-win for all, money saved and fun multiplied!

3. Invites and estimates

Ok now it is very important to know the exact number of people attending the party to plan and avoid wastage. Use free e-invite options wherein people have to RSVP and you can keep a count.

Another good idea is setting up an FB events page wherein invitees can confirm their status on a click.

Also invite contributions to set up the playlist. So while keeping a count you are also building the playlist for the evening. Now food and other supplies can be planned accordingly.

4. A day party over a night one!

Instead of hosting a dinner which generally runs late into the night, plan to host brunch/lunch. Simply doing that saves a lot. Dinners mean an array of fancy starters and all stocked up bars.

The amount of food and drinks consumed is significantly more than what would be consumed otherwise. Now, this is not being stingy or cheap.

As a host it is your responsibility to ensure that glasses and plates are full and people are having fun.

However, being mindful and simply switching the time of the day doesn't cut down on the fun.

5. Cook it up

Major saving can happen if you grab the apron and cook up a storm in the kitchen! Now this does not mean expensive ingredients and fancy recipes!

Pick some heat and eat food packets, soups, prepare dips with chips or nachos, make 2-3 different types of salads, etc.

Search online for easy dessert recipes like biscuit pudding or homemade ice-cream. Your guests are going to love the effort the host has put in.

How awesome is it now that you have a large spread on the table and saved some major bucks!

6. Avail bulk discounts and online shopping benefits

We all know things are cheaper when purchased in bulk at wholesale price. Make a list of items you need to purchase for the party and go shop in bulk.

Use the required quantity for this party and stock up the rest for future parties. Also, check for discounts and hourly sale offers online for the same items.

By simply purchasing in bulk and looking out for offers, few bucks can be saved. Also, you are stocked up for the next party already.

The idea of spending a lot of money while hosting a party generally dampens the spirit and seems like a burden. However by using the easy and practical tips above, you can throw a one hell of a party anytime!

A wonderful host, good food, great music and there you have an epic party which your guests will absolutely love and enjoy.

Photograph: Alessandro Baffa/Creative Commons

The author is Co-founder and Director Credit Vidya.

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Abhishek Agarwal