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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Getahead » ATM woes: The machine displays 'no cash' or is under maintenance

ATM woes: The machine displays 'no cash' or is under maintenance

By Laxman Maake
Last updated on: July 15, 2016 18:27 IST
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We had asked you, dear readers to share your good and bad ATM experiences

Laxman Maake, 47, tells us why he is disappointed with the ATM that he often goes to.

Photograph*: Stringer Egypt/Reuters

The Corporation bank ATM near the D N Nagar Metro Station in Andheri West, Mumbai are quite troublesome.

As it's close to my residence, I tend to use it when I get down from the Metro.

One day, while the transaction process was on, the machine displayed this message " Wait, your transaction is under process'.

After waiting for 7 to 10 minutes, I tried to cancel the transaction. But the machine wasn't responding.

It was almost after 15 minutes that the transaction got cancelled.

I got an message on my phone that showed both withdrawal and reversal of the amount.

My friends have also experienced the same.

The Corporation Bank ATM always displays 'No Cash' or 'Under Maintenance.'

Moreover, if I use the ATM of any other bank, the bank sends me message saying that 'You have used another ATM. Please use Corporation Banks ATM.'

But then, the other Corporation Bank ATMs are around half a kilometre far away from my place.

*Lead image used for representational purpose.


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Dear readers do you have an ATM story to share?

What problems did you face and how did you deal with it?

Mail us your stories and advice at (Subject: ATM woes) along with your NAME, AGE and LOCATION. We'll share the best ones right on

DISCLAIMER: The views and responses published are, to the best of our knowledge, original entries submitted by readers. does not assume any responsibility for the views expressed by its readers. 

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