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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » Meet Dot/Aditi Saigal From The Archies

Meet Dot/Aditi Saigal From The Archies

By Rediff Get Ahead
May 17, 2022 12:57 IST
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The Archies promotional poster looks promising with Suhana Khan playing Veronica Lodge, Khushi Kapoor as Betty Cooper and Agastya Nanda taking on the role of Archie Andrews.

It is the girl with the bob cut and the peculiar name, standing to the extreme right, who has caught people's attention, more than the lead actors with fancy family connections.

Now everyone wants to know who Dot is.

Aditi Saigal -- for that's Dot's name on her Aadhar card -- is a young musician who may either play Cheryl Blossom or heavens! Ethel Muggs, the crazy teen obsessed with Jughead.

While Aditi will be showcasing her acting in The Archies, she has also contributed music scores to the series.

'So I wrote some music and sung some of the songs for The Archies,' she shared on her Instagram stories. 'Oh...and also I'm in it.'

Dot is her stage name and #dotandthesyllables is her handle on the gram.

Daughter of Rock Street Journal's late founder Amit Saigal, who died tragically young in 2012, she started her music career early with Blank, a band in New Delhi.

Back in 2017, she recorded songs on her piano and posted the ditties on YouTube, which earned her much admiration from the indie music world.

A student of Bangor University in Wales, UK, the idea for her first EP Khamotion came to her during her daily commute to college.

Aditi loves to wear her dadi's saris and has a 'dotty' dress as well.

Here's looking at the many times Dot turned heads with her style choices. Please click on the pics for a better view.

IMAGE: Aditi poses in her dadi's saris.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Aditi Saigal/Instagram


IMAGE: This is her version of 'hot pink veranda narcissism'.


IMAGE: 'Feeling filmy in dadi's saris.'


IMAGE: The 'dotty' dress has been reactivated.


IMAGE: Can you spot the 'dotty' dress in this picture?
Aditi is wearing her mom's jacket from the '80s/'90s.


IMAGE: The 'dotty' dress under maintenance.
Aditi is a fan of slow fashion and has been upcycling her clothes.


IMAGE: Her look when she does her assignments in the park.


IMAGE: The obligatory celebratory bed cocktail look.


IMAGE: Pick up all the summer inspiration you want from this look.



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