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Neha Dhupia: Can't wait to see Angad change diapers

By Anita Aikara
August 25, 2018 18:58 IST
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Neha-Angad are super-cute on the ramp.
Text: Anita Aikara/
Video, photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani/

Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia

“I have chased Neha Dhupia for 15 years; this is the first time I am actually walking with her. How could I miss out on this opportunity?” grins Angad Bedi, who walked the LFW ramp with his wife for designer Payal Singhal.

The happy parents-to-be made the exciting announcement just yesterday and Neha proudly flaunted her baby bump on the ramp. 

“I was also privileged to wear Payal’s first outfit for her men’s look. This is my LFW ramp debut as a married man with Neha,” says Angad, who just can’t seem to stop smiling. 


“Payal made that call to me early in the year. She has been dressing me for years and we have this amazing relationship where I just say, ‘Payal, this is what I want’ and she gets it. I don’t even have to finish my sentence,” says a visibly glowing Neha.

“When Payal said that I have to be a modern day bride, the only thing I had to disclose to her was that she may have to come and remeasure me for obvious reasons.

“I think it is the sweetest thing ever, considering the personal situation we are in.

“It was such a beautiful experience walking down the ramp. At the same time, it was so liberating and makes you feel so wonderful as a woman, especially when you are walking down the ramp with the person you love. 

“It was the most memorable walk for Angad and me.

“In a few years, I am going to tap into all these videos and tell my child that he/she already made his/her debut on the ramp.

“It is the sweetest feeling ever and it is so wonderful to see women come to work when they are pregnant.

"I want to tell everyone out there that there is no reason for you to sit at home when you are pregnant. Make your child ready for life, make him/her feel special.”

Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia

“When you put up a personal post on social media, you are putting yourself out there because you are sharing something from your personal life.

“I read the comments and people have been so wonderful. It’s been overwhelming seeing the responses,” she adds, talking about how her fans took the news of her marriage

As for Angad’s first reaction on learning that he was going to become a father, Neha says, “It was amazing.

“He will make a rock-solid father because he is a rock-solid husband.

“He has such a great set of values and, with him around, I am sure this new experience will be wonderful. I can’t wait to see him change diapers.”



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