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Uff! Why are these hotties not on the ramp?

August 22, 2019 16:30 IST
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Diya Basu

Diya Basu shows you how to style your sari for fashion week.  Photograph: Anita Aikara/

Diya Basu, 20

Profession: I'm a student.

Your look for the day

Yesterday, I was deciding what to wear and decided to go with an Indo-western look.

I have always been influenced by the fashion week.

I'm wearing a neon cropped top which I have paired with a sari I borrowed from my mother.

I completed the look with boots, which match my black bindi, and a two tiered oxidised necklace.

I have kept the make up subtle. I like to use a lot of funky glasses and keep changing them every month. I have stuck to blue nails.

I wanted to go all out western initially, but then I found this sari which went really well with the colours. But the blouse is the main highlight and it adds a pop of colour just like I wanted.

My fashion mantra

I wear whatever I want to. I don't care what people think. Fashion is really important to me and I express my true self through it.

Next up is Akanksha, an interior designing student from Chandigarh who turned heads in a white off shoulder top. Watch her break down her look for us.

Video by Afsar Dayatar/

And finally, we have Tisha Khosla, a writer by profession who attended the fashion week in a white sheer skirt designed by her mother. Watch the video to know how Tisha styled her look.

Video by Afsar Dayatar/

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