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Is excess masturbation bad for men?

January 09, 2021 11:37 IST
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Sexual pleasure is more affected by psychological attachment, intimacy, and relationship satisfaction -- not just the size or shape of the genitals, notes Rajat Jadhav, co-founder, Bold Care, a digital men's health and wellness start-up.

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Several misconceptions about male sexuality have been conveniently propagated for ages now.

While there is a lot of discomfort associated with open discussions pertaining to the matter, many of these myths are sexually restricting and may even have detrimental effects on men's overall sexual well being.

Just like mental and physical health, there is a growing need for awareness around sexual health too, especially in men.

It plays an important role in boosting ones confidence and is often plagued by the stigmatisation that comes with it.

A sexual health concern should not have to determine the so called 'manhood' and the only way to sensitise people is by educating them.

Tearing down these preconceived notions is the need of the hour to prevent sexual health hazards in men and encourage them to seek remedial assistance..

Below, we debunk some of the most widespread misconceptions about sexual well-being in men.

1. Myth: Erectile Dysfunction is an outcome of excessive masturbation.

Truth: It's a common misconception that too much masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction (ED).

ED occurs when you're unable to get or sustain an erection.

Masturbation does not specifically induce male erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can have various physical and psychological causes. In some cases, it can be caused by both such as obesity, stress, diabetes.

2. Myth: Your diet is inconsequential to your sexual health and fertility level.

Truth: Infertility can be blamed for poor eating habits, the ingestion of fatty and fried food in very large amounts can be one of the causes for poor fertility in both men and women.

Excessive intake of trans fat, saturated fat, sugary food, refined or packaged food leads to metabolic syndrome and can negatively affect sperm, reducing its count and density.

Hormonal imbalances in the body can contribute to infertility. Therefore, dietary habits have been closely linked to sperm health.

3. Myth: Blue balls is a serious issue in men.

Truth: Scientifically called Vasocongestion, this occurs when the blood collects in the testicles when the male gets aroused but doesn't ejaculate resulting in pain or tenderness and acute cramp like ache in the groin area.

This although comfortable and embarrassing, is not something to worry about.

The resolution involves masturbation until ejaculation or allowing feelings of arousal to die down on its own.

4. Myth: Your sexual health is agnostic of your overall well being.

Truth: Your sexual health can indicate some other underlying health problems and hence it is important to keep a close watch out on it.

A fluctuation in libido can be the first sign of diabetes or may be related to hormonal imbalance. Issues with erection may be a red signal for prostate cancer or cardiovascular problems.

5. Myth: A longer penis is better for pleasure.

Truth: Research consistently shows that sexual pleasure is more affected by psychological attachment, intimacy, and relationship satisfaction -- not just the size or shape of the genitals of an individual.

What is ideal for one person may be too big or too small for another.

Too many methods, positions and enhancement items are available now that size is not the only important factor for sexual satisfaction.

Also, there is very little knowledge of the 4 cm big distal nerve endings of the vagina that can be satisfied and stimulated even with a small sized penis. So small is as good as big!

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