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Insecure about your partner's GF?

March 25, 2021 15:58 IST
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Focus on the very fact, he chose YOU over her, says Sybil Shiddell, country manager-India, Gleeden, an extra marital dating app.

What if your partner's best friend is a girl?

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What happens if your partner's best friend is a girl?

According to Gleeden, an extramarital dating app, 70% of the relationships face difficulty if the guy has a female best friend. In sharp contrast, only 30% men have problems with their girl having a male best friend.

It may seem obvious for women to feel insecure when your boyfriend has a friend, who happens to be a girl.

It is important to deal with this situation with a great deal of thought and wisely.

According to Gleeden nearly 60% of relationships end if the guy cannot take drastic measures to counter balance the 'other' girl in the relationship while 20% of the relationships are ruined to an extent that they cannot be amended.

Only 10% of relationships survive this difficult feat as both the partners are honestly inclined towards each other.

Do not put your beautiful relationship at stake and let his trust in you break and scatter ugly.

You've built your relationship over time and it is blooming now, but then she enters as his friend. Put your worries aside and just take a 'How to ride ahead'.

The way you react to this scenario would decide how far you would go in this relationship together as a couple.

Don't be a juggler who keeps on dropping a ball after another and loses the game at the end.

You need to act wise and break the ice, being first, and probably that's the most effective way of taking things in your control, step-by-step.

Yes, there is nothing cool about the third wheel and you are the one who could make things better for your peace of mind and your relationship, of course!

Know where to start

After all, you want to feel better and know most of the things that happen between them and wish to be aware of the secrets which are unknown to you, till-date. But the question is How?

Firstly, you really need to have a genuine approach towards making things fall into place for you.

Think with an open-minded and act mature.

Don't be impatient when it comes to knowing the hidden facts.

Maybe she has a pool of secrets and you just have to dive deep into it and explore.

A warning is, don't be naive, my dear. If you want things to work for you smoothly, your partner should speak up on everything to you and present crystal clear facts.

It is important for you to know his friend and buried facts about the frequency they share and if it's a friendship as it seems.

Find out, and then decide whether you are living it or leaving it.

Play it cool

No matter how much you trust his talks and the things he tells you about his friendship, you will never stop doubting when it is about her.

The very step which is required is, get closer and get open to her. Meet often, and talk about anything and everything.

Learn the art of reading between the lines but do take a pause and think twice before arriving at any conclusion.

Take a deep breath, release your breath and your worries too.

Make things go nice between you and her and you might get surprised either way. It will always help you.

Respect the frequency and bonding

There's nothing wrong with their friendship as far as it is harmful to your relationship.

If you develop an understanding for their bonding and respect the frequency they share then probably your partner will end up loving you even more.

Having good and genuine friends around will help him to stay happy and feel blessed, it brings in strength.

The day you decide to stay a little calm and accept his genuine friendships, even if you don't like a few of them, cooperate and let things be nice.

You shouldn't forget that it's his friends who became a special part of his life before you arrived.

If he loses a friend because of you, he will not feel good about this and this will bring bitterness between you and your dear one.

Remember, you are his girlfriend

Focus on the very fact, he chose you over her. Isn't that enough to calm yourself and put your insecurities at peace?

No matter what is their chemistry and how much he cares about her, being his close friend, He chose YOU!

So smile, and move on.

Understand that sometimes over thinking is your real enemy before anyone and anything else.

Respect the boundaries

As you do things to make your relationship bloom happily, so you can set a few DOs and DON'Ts for the same.

Unapologetically, you can speak up to your partner to avoid making unnecessary compromises which can steal the charm of your relationship later.

So, if there's something that bothers you and makes you uncomfortable, speak up for yourself and make sure you are heard.

Remember, don't compromise with your happiness too.

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