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'I wish my mother was there to support me'

By Rediff Get Ahead
May 09, 2021 10:57 IST
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Readers share why their mothers will have a special place in their hearts.

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​​​​​​​Seema Sawant from Mumbai writes about her mother Sheela Chavan.

"As we'll be celebrating Mother's Day on May 9, I will desperately miss my mother.

"She has always been a fighter throughout her life.

"She was a working woman with two children to care for.

"I remember the hardships she faced in life.

"She always set an example for us and has shown me the right path.

"During a crucial period of my life right now, I wish my mother was there to support me.

"But I am sure some day I will definitely come out of this with her blessings. I miss you so much."

R Rajani Reddy tells us all the things she loved about her mother Philomena Reddy.

"My mother was the finest woman I've known in my lifetime. I don't say this because I'm her daughter, but as a woman who appreciates the qualities in another woman.

"A graduate, she started her career 55 years back. In an era when the term MNC did not exist, my mother worked with multinationals like Garware, Voltas and Patvolk.

"She was a very punctual and was always reached office five minutes before time, which even her male colleagues found difficult to achieve, making her the manager's favourite in those days.

"My mother was born in Sholapur and she studied in a convent school run by nuns.

"That is how she got her excellent written and oral communication skills in the English language. She has written articles for magazines like Woman’s Era.

"She was a wonderful mother. We were three mischievous kids, but she raised us with love, care and firmness.

"In those days when tuitions were not as common as it is now, it was my mother who taught us in school and motivated us to achieve academic excellence and build brilliant careers for ourselves.

"I was a sickly child and often fell ill, but my mother took very good care of me.

"She used to pay special attention to my nutrition and took me to the best doctors.

"She fiercely stood by me through the tough times and nurtured me to become an intelligent, healthy and smart woman.

"She was an all-rounder; she had great taste for fashion and all my dresses right through college were designed and stitched by her.

"She was the best cook in a family of six sisters and she cooked sumptuous biryanis and tasty homemade sweets which we relished till few years back.

"A very enterprising lady, she was not content just doing a job, but ventured into the real estate market where she invested wisely and multiplied the family's wealth greatly and financially secured her children's future.

"She was greatly devoted to her family and was my grandparent's favourite daughter-in-law.

"My mother passed away two years back. I miss her terribly.

"I miss you Ma, you were my first love. Love you till my last breath and then we shall meet again."

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