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How to travel stress-free

By Lybrate
November 19, 2016 10:00 IST
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Keep an extra set of documents with you. Save some cash. Be open minded.

Do you love to travel and wish to visit different places?

Do you have a deep desire to wander, explore and experience new things?

The impulse to travel around the world is called wanderlust. Travelling is great, but you may experience several problems and difficult situations while in a different country or location, which you know nothing about.

In order to deal with this and make your trips more trouble free, you need some travel tips. Here are some essential tips, which will benefit you while you are travelling.


Patience is very important when travelling.

Many situations may arise which you cannot control, and you should not be angry or get annoyed about the same. You may miss a bus, an ATM machine may not work, and many tricky situations are likely, where you need to be patient instead of getting hyper.

Start early

You should wake up early while you are on a trip. You will be able to avoid crowd and be at peace.

Early morning is ideal for clicking pictures because of the soft and diffused light. A true traveler should always wake up early and go exploring.

Extra cash

You should always have extra cash with you.

Money is the most important thing while travelling, and many emergency situations are likely, which can be solved with cash.

In case you lose your wallet or ATM card, the extra money will save you.

You can stash the money in socks, around the frame of a bagpack or under shoe inserts.

Network with the locals

Meeting and getting acquainted with local people while travelling is a must.

You should avoid other travellers and try to have conversations with local people.

Basic English is applicable all over the world, and you may even communicate in the form of gestures. You will be able to learn about the local people and their lives.

In order to get the real vibe or the pulse of a place, you should spend time sitting in a park or in a street corner watching the day to day life of people and what goes around in that place.

Observe your surroundings in detail and try to focus on aspects such as smell, colours, sounds and the way people interact.

Back up your important documents

You should carry a backup of all important stuff which are essential.

You should have a digital and physical copy of your passport, visa, health insurance card, birth certificate and important phone numbers.

Be sensitive to your surroundings

You should not judge the lifestyles of people who are different from you, while in a different country.

You should be empathetic and must ask people about their views on various matters.

Be open minded

While travelling to a different place, you should always try local food and local cuisines. Develop a habit of saying yes to most things and be open minded.

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