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This article was first published 5 years ago  » Getahead » How to travel solo and SAFE!

How to travel solo and SAFE!

By Deepak Ananth
Last updated on: October 16, 2018 15:35 IST
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Don't be oblivious of your surroundings.
Don't oblige unknown men with pictures.
Carry a swiss knife, says Deepak Ananth.

Travel tips

Gender equality means just that. No one gender is above the other.

Be it in jobs, at home or while travelling.

The peace and self awareness that travelling brings to our mind is unparalleled. And women across the globe have begun to experience this more than ever before.

Besides travelling with family, friends, co-workers, women enjoy travelling solo as well.

While travelling solo has its perks, there are disadvantages too.

If you are planning your first solo trip, here are some ways you can stay safe:

1. Don't stay out late unless it is familiar territory.

Try to start early and end the drive before sunset.

Reach a safe hotel or your destination before dark, you can see it better and be better prepared to enjoy it.

2. Don't oblige unknown men with pictures.

Refuse with a smile , firm yet kind is an art best learnt quickly!

3. Avoid being too friendly with the locals

Respecting the local culture and understanding them is important but it is equally important to draw the boundaries.

4. Travel via local transport so that you’re always surrounded by a crowd.

5. Carry one object for defense.

Keep a pepper spray handy. If that’s not available use your perfume/deodorant which works equally well!

6. Don't be oblivious to your surroundings.

Be alert.

You always can keep a look out for a safe haven to head to in case of trouble.

A nearby church, temple or a place of worship is mostly safe.

A govt structure like a museum or libraries or any place with a crowd will be safer.

7. Always have one point contact with someone if you plan to come back late.

Keep them on speed dial!

8. Be self sufficient

Don’t stop mid way to buy essentials. Buy before you leave. Stock up as much as possible.

Things women should carry in their bag/bagpack

A whistle

Wear it as an accessory around your neck so that it's easily accessible as well. Grabs attention when in trouble.

A mini torch

When your phone conks off, this light should help.

A water pouch

This will help you stay hydrated.

An extra foldable bag

In case your bag gives way, this can come to your rescue.

Power bank

Keep it charged wherever there is power.

Swiss knife

A multi tool for multi purposes.

A pre-planned itinerary

Use online tools to plan the day and what you do while travelling.

Doing this will help you identify before hand the petrol stops, the restaurants along the way, the places you want to visit etc.

You can also get in touch with a local verified scout to help out in case of need.

Offline maps, itinerary

Keep travelling. Keep exploring. There is plenty to see and not a whole lot of time to do it in.

You can also join a club to travel with like-minded people.

 The author Deepak Ananth is a core team member of Roadtrippers Club and CEO of ScoutMyTrip.

Lead image published only for representational purposes.

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