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How my 8 YO daughter attends online school

July 09, 2020 14:34 IST
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'It has been a wonderful experience since she independently manages the show without much of interference,' says IT professional Baudhayan Lahiri.

Basudha Lahiri

IMAGE: Basudha Lahiri, 8, attends school online. Photograph: Baudhayan Lahiri

I am lucky to have a spacious 2 BHK flat (1,000 sq ft) equipped with fibre broadband and a laptop.

My daughter studies in Class 2 in a nearby international school.

For us, the online classes is a blessing in disguise. My wife teaches in the same school.

I have been working from home for a long time now.

Thanks to technology and availability of space, online classes are pretty smooth both for my daughter and wife.

The school conducts classes through Zoom.

Each period is designed for approximately 35 minutes.

I have connected a JBL Bluetooth speaker with my personal laptop which my daughter uses for her classes.

She has been very smart to pick up all the Zoom shortcuts for mute, unmute, speaker view, etc.

We have dedicated a desk in our bedroom for her classes and have also provided her with a wireless calling bell, to call us in case of any help.

I have created shortcuts for all her classes. The only thing we need to remind her is to switch to another class on time.

Overall, it has been a wonderful experience since she independently manages the show without much of interference.

The only issue I see is about using the Zoom free version is the time limit.

The students are expected to switch from one teacher's Zoom meeting ID to another for every class.

The school could rather use a different app for conducting the classes and have a single login and password for every day.

While my experience has been smooth, other parents have been facing issues availing a good broadband connection and a laptop.

Nevertheless the online classes have ensured that students are kept properly engaged in such challenging times when they cannot step outside.

Digital transformation is the need of the hour and the COVID-19 crisis has brought about a huge digital transformation for the betterment of society.

Dear readers, are you a young parent or a student?

How are you dealing with online classes during the lockdown?

What are your concerns and going forward, how do you plan to address them?

Please share your stories, experiences and suggestions.

Simply write to (subject: Coping with online classes) along with your NAME, AGE, LOCATION and details of your child, if you are a parent. We'll feature the best responses on

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