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How I fought COVID with yoga and positivity

October 09, 2020 11:28 IST
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Nandini Anandkumar tells us how she stayed fit and survived the virus.

Nandini Anandkumar

My husband and son were tested COVID-19 positive on August 27.

Later my daughter showed mild symptoms as well.

I realised how much the hype around COVID had instilled fear in our minds.

That night, I woke up in my sleep to check whether he was sleeping right.

Dreaded thoughts came unaware. I kept praying to the universal force to set things right.

I got my respite in the morning when I saw light through my window.

My sense of duty and commitment towards the family took an upper seat and I was all focused on taking care of them.

Here's how I kept corona at bay when everyone at home was infected:

Yoga, meditation and a positive outlook

I've been a practitioner of meditation since more than 2 decades and yoga since a couple of years. This perhaps helped me.

During this critical time when I had to attend to three people at home with added patience and dedication, I continued with my usual routine of meditation and yoga to gain balance, strength and power.

I woke up early and did pranayam after which I attended the family. I had to also finish all the household chores, and attend online classes since I work as a teacher.

A positive outlook and my will power not to succumb to the virus for the sake of my family helped to keep myself fit in spite of being in close contact with virulent strains when I had to do all the laundry, cleaning and serve food for the family.

Waking up before sunrise or at the brahma murtha time kept me energetic through out the day.

Practice of yoga nidhra thrice a week helped in rejuvenating the body, mind and soul.

I practiced keeping panchaboothas in balance using different mudras and spent ample time in the sunlight to stay fit.

For positivity

Nandini Anandkumar

I spent time reading positive notes and inspiring stories. A mind that is relaxed is fit too.

Gardening helped nourish the soul and served as a good rejuvenator.

I spent some time on social media talking to friends and loved ones, laughing out loud which made me feel good and stay fit mentally.

We followed a multipronged approach to combat corona. The regimen included homeopathy, siddha and allopathy along with steam inhalation, frequent gurgling with salt and turmeric water slightly above the lukewarm temperature.

Though everyone at home followed the same diet, the one difference I noted was the others at home couldn't exercise like I did.

My learnings

We can fight COVID like any other disease without getting the fear element into our psyche but restraining ourselves with the much needed precaution of using a good face mask, maintaining social distance, sanitizing our hands and frequently washing our hands.

If we have a holistic approach without fear of being infected, we can fight the pandemic with positivity and stay fit.

Disclaimer: The views and suggestions expressed in this article solely belong to the author and does not endorse them in any manner. You are advised to seek expert help before following any of the above mentioned tips.

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