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This article was first published 5 years ago  » Getahead » 5 healthy reasons you should dance more often

5 healthy reasons you should dance more often

By Shiamak Davar
Last updated on: March 29, 2019 11:45 IST
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Dancing helps build confidence, develop social skills and keeps you fit, says ace choreographer Shiamak Davar.

Health benefits of dancing

Photographs: Kind courtesy Shiamak Davar

During these unhealthy times when technology and social media has taken over everyone’s lives, dance can be a great way to have fun, develop a skill and also stay fit.

Dance aims at skillful progression to improve fitness levels, confidence, focus, concentration, team spirit, positive thinking, discipline, all-round development, posture, and body language.

My motto has always been 'Have Feet. Will Dance.'

Here are just some of the many healthy benefits of including dance in your routine.

1. A fun way of staying fit

Health is a state of mind and fitness is a way of life.

A fit body homes a healthy mind.

Dance helps improve overall fitness, endurance, muscle toning, and strengthening.

It involves cardiovascular, aerobic fitness, core muscles, strength training and stretches for flexibility.

In any form of dance, students work together in a group and this sense of team spirit encourages them in other areas too.

Dance requires a lot of stamina which ensures the body is agile and light.

2. A holistic activity for the mind, body and soul

It can be seen as a medium of physical activity and creative outlet which helps channelise energy in a resourceful manner.

Performing arts help develop interpersonal communication skills, knowledge, and understanding.

It helps you focus and chanelise your mind, body and soul into a single activity.

People who may be perceived as introverts get a platform to express themselves and with regular practice their personality starts reflecting positively.

Dance takes you to your happy place

3. Takes you to your happy place

Besides physical benefits, the experience of dancing gives you confidence.

It is a great way to release energy, shed inhibitions and let out emotions.

When you dance you sweat, and you release 'feel good' endorphins that make you happy.

Good music combined with good dancing can put you in a happy state of mind.

Music in itself is therapeutic. Dance is a physical interpretation of what the music says. 

4. Teaches team work and reduces stress

Most working professionals today lead a sedentary lifestyle.

For those who hate going to the gym, dance can be a great stress buster where they can disconnect from their worries and just do something they love.

It channels their mind into a positive space.

It can become a form of physical activity than can change your lifestyle.

In fact today, a lot of corporates invite professionals to teach in the premises during/post working hours so that employees engage in a team building art form that also helps them stay fit.

Health benefits of dancing

5. Helps in overall growth and social skills

Dance helps in overall growth of students.

Qualities like confidence, stage presence and working together helps imbibe team spirit and encourages involvement.

Dance requires a lot of stamina and ensures that bodies become agile, flexible and light at an early age.

Moreover, people who may be perceived as introverts get a platform to express themselves. Gradually, their personality starts reflecting more positively.

For many, dance is a medium to connect with like-minded people, find friends and even network.

Remember, any new activity that you engage in needs to become a part of your regular schedule so you can experience and appreciate its optimum impact.

Dance is one such art form that evolves constantly and continuously.

To imbibe maximum results, it is essential to make it a part of your routine. And to enjoy it.

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Shiamak Davar
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