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Curvy yet agile! Meet Instagram's latest sensation

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: June 13, 2019 11:09 IST
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An advocate of body positivity, Jessamyn Stanley believes in yoga for all sizes.

Photographs: Courtesy Jessamyn Stanley/Instagram

Everyone seems to be in a rush to cut their calorie intake to lose weight.

However, Jessamyn Stanley's fitness mantra is quite the opposite.

A body positivity advocate and yoga teacher, she believes in embracing a healthy lifestyle and practicing judgment-free yoga.

'Everyone loves fatness when it's packaged in a way that doesn't feel confrontational,' she shares on Instagram.

Jessamyn wants people to enjoy yoga and love their bodies. 'Why do you let yourself be so affected by strangers who live in fear of their own bodies?' she questions.

Her workout philosophy is to 'have fun rather than trying to lose weight or toning up.'

Because, 'When I focus on having fun, I’m able to enjoy working out in the way that human beings are meant to enjoy physical exercise.'

Scroll down to see some of her 'fun' workout pics. It's all the inspiration you need today.


The core of Jessamyn's journey is 'seeing the fat (yet beautiful person) inside and letting her do what she needs to do.'


Friday is about 'bringing your week’s baggage to the mat and unpack, cry, moan and flow!'

'My biggest tip is to remember that working out is meant to be fun -- it's not supposed to be stressful,' she writes. 'Sometimes we put so much emotional pressure on ourselves that it strips away the joy of moving our bodies. Exercise grants us freedom and ignites our inner child -- have fun, ignore the haters, and get into the magic of enjoying your body.'

There are no breaks when you embrace a healthy lifestyle!

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