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INCREDIBLE! This girl lost 39 kilos in 12 months

By Komal Priyani
Last updated on: May 28, 2019 13:01 IST
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Komal Priyani, 29 from Ajmer, Rajasthan tells us how she went from 95 kg to 56 kg in 12 months with a balanced diet and exercise.

Komal Priyani shares her weight loss journey

IMAGE: Komal Priyani weighed 95 kg in 2016 (left). She is 56 kg now. Photographs: Kind courtesy Komal Priyani

My weight loss journey

I had herniated disc issue and PCOD. My weight was 95 kg in 2016. 

Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone. On May 2, 2016, my life took a 'U turn' when I was emotionally blackmailed to join a gym by my brother.

I remember the dark night before my first workout session.

I was in two minds -- what if the machines broke with my weight in the gym tomorrow?

What if I get a heart attack while running on the treadmill?

What if I fail to perform a single exercise?

I remember my first nervous step to the gym the next morning.

Without any hopes I took a step out of my comfort zone and after a year I am glad I did that.

These 365 days transformed my life completely.

From being lazy to a disciplined person.

From avoiding social gatherings to loving them.

From zero confidence to over-confidence.

From hormonal disturbances to 'All clear' reports.

From being cute forever to beautiful as never.

From endless cardio to weight training.

From being fat to near fab, my journey was over whelming.

Komal Priyani shares her weight loss journey

IMAGE: Komal spends 60 minutes a day working out at the gym. 

How I did it

I joined SQUATS, a fitness transformation group which turned out to be an encyclopedia of fitness, nutrition and knowledge. 

I followed a quantified diet plan that comprises carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

I opted for whole foods eggs, paneer, cheese and soya.

I avoided nothing; just adjusted everything in my macros.

I work out for 60 minutes in a day which includes lifting weights.

Komal Priyani shares her weight loss journey

IMAGE: She lifts weights and believes that along with followed a disciplined diet, one should also focus on strength training to build muscles and reduce fat. 

Lessons learned

The toughest part for me was to register and accept the fact that I was obese and can do something about it.

I came to realise that nobody wakes up inspired or motivated.

You need to remain loyal to yourself each day n feed your goals every day.


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