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How this diabetic cut sugar and lost 35 kg in 8 months

Last updated on: June 11, 2019 10:23 IST
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We'd asked you, dear readers, to share your fitness stories and learnings with us.
Here, Amit Singh, 32 from Delhi shares his incredible weightloss journey.

How Amit Singh lost  35 kg in 8 months

IMAGE: Amit Singh went from 140 kg to 105 kg in 8 months. Photograph: Kind courtesy Amit Singh

I work as a business development manager at Schindler India.

Thanks to an unhealthy lifestyle, I'd slowly started gaining weight.

In July 2018, when I had my sugar checked, I realised I was diabetic. 

My sugar level was 494 and I weighed 140 kg at the time. I was almost unable to walk.

My wife Dipti had warned me earlier but I never paid attention.

After the reports came, she encouraged me to focus on my health.

I did not hire a trainer or visit a dietician because I know my body best.

My weight loss journey

I started cutting down on junk food and saw my weight drop by half a kilo in the first week.

That motivated me further. I consciously decided to avoid junk food, potato and sugar.

At the same time I started walking for 40 minutes in the morning and evening.

Every day, I start at 5.30 am in the morning and walk for 40 minutes in my (housing) society's premises.

In the evening, I step out for 40 minutes of brisk walking. During this time, I leave my phone at home or keep it switched off to avoid any distractions.


For my diet, I focused on pulses and green vegetables.

Although I hated eating karela (bitter gourd), I included it in my diet twice a week as it helps fight diabetes.

In the winter, I have cabbage, cauliflower and beans.

I added boiled vegetables, especially carrots to my diet and cut down on roti.

In fruits, I avoid pineapple.

Breakfast: 1 roti (mostly bajra) and vegetables

Lunch: 2 rotis and vegetables

Evening: 1 glass milk and 2 Marie biscuits.

Before dinner, if I felt hungry, I would snack on roasted corn or murmura.

Dinner: 1 roti and vegetables

Since I am diabetic, sometimes I'd feel dizzy. But I never gave up. I believe that life is about overcoming obstacles.

In eight months, I managed to lose 35 kg.

Every Saturday, I get my weight checked. I check my sugar every 3 months and visit our family doctor.

I have successfully managed to control my sugar level and bring it to normal.

Since I have lost weight, I feel very healthy and motivated. At work, people have noticed the change and it has made me more confident.

I am 105 kg and plan to reduce another 20 kg.

Since my height is 6'2", 85 kg would be an apt.

Lessons learned

A key reason I learned from my success is the importance of intent. If your intent is right, you will be successful.

Also, it is important to listen to your body. A doctor or expert can only guide you.

Ultimately, you have to take control of your life and health.

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