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How this 16 YO went from 80 kg to 61 kg in a year

By Aastha Bhat
September 24, 2019 09:50 IST
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Rediff reader Aastha Bhat, 16, from Faridabad, Haryana shares her story.

Aastha Bhat

IMAGE: Aastha Bhatt was 80 kg in October 2018. She lost 19 kg and weighs 61 kg now. Photograph: Kind courtesy Aastha Bhat

I had been gaining weight for a lot of reasons. I used to eat junk food and always wanted to eat more.

My friends at school and the society I lived in called me moti, but it didn't matter so much. Until one day, I struggled to fit into a dress of my liking.

In October 2018, with the support from my parents, I made up my mind to change my lifestyle, balance my studies and work out.

My dad is a regular runner. He encouraged and helped me.

Initially, we looked up for resources on the Internet. Later, my cricket coach helped me with a diet plan.

It took me approximately a year to reach 61 kg.


I started jogging and running along with some stretching exercises. 

I work out 4 days a week and have run approximately covered 500 km till date.

This is what my diet looks like:

Pre-workout drink (6 am): Detox of apple, cucumber, ginger and mint. This was my drink the whole day as well.

Breakfast (7 am): 3 boiled egg whites, poha or 2-3 idlis and a glass of low fat cow milk.

Mid-morning snack (11 am): A bowl of fruits

Lunch (1 pm): Two chapatis, vegetables or dal and a small bowl of green salad.

Evening snack (5 pm): Lemon tea and rusk or black coffee without sugar.

Dinner (8 pm): A bowl of dal and occasional chapatti with a bowl of green salad.

Before bedtime (10 pm): A glass of milk

In addition to the above I used to drink 4-5 litres of detox water or plain water.

I minimised direct sugar intake, avoided deep friend stuff and stopped junk food.

The challenge

It was challenging when my weight reached a plateau despite my workout and diet plan.

I used to crave for junk food but had to be determined not to eat anything unhealthy. With time it became a habit.

I never had junk even on my cheat days.

I want to lose some more weight; I aim to hit 55 kg this year.

Lessons learned

I learned very early that a fit body is equal to a fit mind and amazing confidence.

My academics have improved a lot and I have also started playing club cricket. I aspire to play in the national cricket team some day.

Recently I participated in Pinkathon Delhi 2019 in the 3 km category and was ranked 12th out of 134 registered participants.

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Aastha Bhat