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This article was first published 4 years ago  » Getahead » Fat to FABULOUS! How this beauty queen lost weight

Fat to FABULOUS! How this beauty queen lost weight

By Rediff Get Ahead Bureau
Last updated on: July 22, 2019 15:02 IST
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Nehal Chudasama's healthy transformation journey will inspire you to hit the gym.

Nehal Chudasama may not have won Miss India Universe 2018.

But the gorgeous beauty queen is using her Instagram to inspire young girls about the importance of being healthy.

Sharing a throwback picture from her struggling days, Nehal talked about her transformation from being a chubby careless youngster to representing India at the global stage.

The 22 year old busted some common myths about working out and what the journey taught her.

Take a look.

Nehal Chudasama

IMAGE: 'I don't have my picture from 10 years back as such because my life was terrible for those two years,' Nehal wrote on her Instagram a few months ago.
'I didn't go out, no pictures, no enjoyment, mourning over our loss, Aliens to the world as i have said earlier!'
'But yeah here's me when I got up stronger and walked towards exploring what i could be!! A Journey from 2010 to 2018'
'Make your eyes believe because - IF I COULD DO IT, ANYBODY CAN DO IT!' Nehal added.
 Photographs: Kind courtesy Nehal Chudasama/Instagram

Nehal Chudasama

IMAGE: 'There is no substitute for hard work,' says the 22 year old from Mumbai who stuck to a low carb diet and regular workout to shred and tone her body.
'I consume 3/4 scoop of the nutrition supplements -- generally known as pre workout -- 15 minutes before my actual workout starts,' says the fitness influencer who has 1 lakh followers on Instagram.

Nehal Chudasama

IMAGE: For those who believe that lifting weights is masculine, Nehal has the following advice.
'Lifting weight will burn fat and define your muscles (which makes your body look toned).
'Every individual has rights to make their own choices. Let's not be judgemental or indulge into body shaming if any woman out there chooses to build up heavy.
'Let us all break this stereotype, the concept of a feminine and a masculine body. It's just in our minds.'

Nehal Chudasama

IMAGE: In 2018, Nehal won the Anything But Ordinary Diva and Miss Beautiful Body titles at the Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva held in Mumbai.

Nehal Chudasama

IMAGE: Nehal was guided and groomed by former Miss Universe Lara Dutta to prepare for the pageant. Her stunning transformation journey will inspire you to stop giving excuses and chase your goals.
'My only competition is the person I was yesterday!' she says.

 TELL US: How did you stay fit and healthy? Share your tips in the messageboard below.

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