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7 signs it's time to change your workout routine

By Brinda Sapat
January 12, 2016 15:30 IST
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Is it time to switch up your workout to get fitter? Read on…


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Sometimes a change in your exercise is needed to see continuing results and feel good.

But how do you know when?

Look out for these tell-tale signs:

1. You are not seeing any more changes

You are working out hard and regularly but can't seem to shed off any more pounds than you did initially. The reason for this is that your body has gotten used to the exercise and is no longer challenged by it. It's time to change your workout!

2. You are too tired

If you feel an unusual amount of physical or mental fatigue; your body is probably experiencing a "burn out". It is a signal to say Stop! Rest your body and switch this form of exercise to another.

3. You have lost weight but don't look fit

Some workouts may focus entirely on weight loss and push your cardiovascular system hard leaving you a few kilo's lighter, but the lack of muscle building exercise leaves you unfit.

You need to pick an exercise form that addresses all systems of the body that are required to be fit- cardiovascular, muscular and flexibility improving.

4. You are too lazy to go for exercise

Clearly, the workout you have chosen is not your cup of tea.

Exercise should be fun, not a chore.

Looking forward to your workout largely helps you exercise more effectively. Switch it, pick something that gets you going!

5. You exercise but lack stamina, strength or flexibility

You workout regularly but your stamina levels are low, you don't feel strong and are fairly inflexible.

The chosen exercise isn't focussing on overall fitness and well-being. Pick a workout that will enrich your fitness levels.

6. You have developed an overuse injury or sore spot

Repetitive exercise, especially if performed incorrectly can lead to a sore spot, chronic pain or injury.

If this is what you feel, stop the exercise.

Relax your injury, let it heal and then opt for a different workout.

7. You are falling sick often

If the workout is too strenuous for your body, you will find yourself catching the cold or flu every now and again.

This is because the exercise has lowered your immunity levels.

Either lower the intensity of the exercise, or change it entirely to pick one that is easier on the body.

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