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He walked 100 km a week in the lockdown

May 29, 2020 08:54 IST
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We asked you, Dear Readers, to tell us how you spent the lockdown and share your best memories with us.
Abhijit Chandrakant Bangale, 43, from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, shares his inspiring story:

Abhijit Chandrakant Bangale

I am a cyclist. Since it was not possible to cycle during the lockdown, I chose to walk, do push ups, skipping and yoga.

Right from Day One, I divided my walking into two sessions -- morning and evening.

I found a farm approximately 7 acres large, close to my residence.

The inbuilt fitness app on my Vivo mobile helped me count my steps and km every day.

I soon realised how different cycling and walking are.

Walking, for example requires more patience than cycling.

I started with 5 km in the morning and 7 km in the evening.

Gradually I increased the distance and achieved an average of 16 km per day. On some days I walked 24 km.

I aim to clock in 100 km every week which I am gradually increasing.

In April I walked approx 320 km, followed by 325 km.

Abhijit's weekly walking report

Walking helped me in following ways:

1. Reduce weight

2. Kept me engaged for 7/8 hours a day

3. Act as cross training for my future cycling sessions

4. Build immunity

It has been more than a month since The Lockdown began.

How have you spent these days?

Share the highlights with us through pictures and videos and the best ones will be published right here.

You can mail your most interesting, funny, sad, even angry lockdown moments via stories, pictures and videos to Please mention MY MONTH-LONG LOCKDOWN STORY in the subject line.

Don't forget to mention your name, age and where you stay.

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