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Have you tried Coconut Jam?

By Sarada Krishnan
October 27, 2020 18:25 IST
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Coconut Jam -- also known as kaya or srikaya -- is made with coconut milk, eggs and sugar.

Popular in Malaysia, this sweet creamy spread is a delicious breakfast option.

Sarada Krishnan from Chennai shares her special Coconut Jam recipe.


  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 2 eggs
  • ¼ cup sugar (for the caramel) + ½ cup sugar
  • ½ tbsp cornflour
  • ¼ cup water


  • Take a vessel and fill half of it with water. Place a stand inside the vessel and turn on the flame.
  • In a glass bowl, beat eggs. Add ½ cup sugar and mix well.   
  • Once the water starts to heat, place the glass bowl on the stand. Make sure that half of the bowl is immersed in water. The flame should be low to medium. 
  • Keep stirring the egg mixture continuously, or else it will get curdled. 
  • In another vessel, take ¼ cup sugar to make the caramel. Switch on the flame and keep mixing till the sugar dissolves. 
  • Once the sugar gets caramelised, add it to the egg mixture, and continue stirring. 
  • The caramelised sugar will form a crystal immediately, but continue stirring and it will dissolve. 
  • Add coconut milk and keep mixing till the mixture thickens.  
  • Add ½ tsp of cornflour in ¼ tsp of water and mix. Add this slurry to the reduced mixture. Turn off the flame and cool. Your coconut jam is ready.

Please scroll down to watch the step-by-step recipe.



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Sarada Krishnan