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#GadgetWatch: Top four impressive speakers

By Abhik Sen
June 12, 2018 09:40 IST
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From the X-mini SUPA to the TAGG Loop, these are sound devices you can't ignore, says Abhik Sen. 

X-mini SUPA Photograph: Courtesy

X-mini SUPA

If you've ever come across turntable and speaker sets from the Seventies, this will look familiar.

But behind the retro look, there's a capable speaker.

I connected my Android phone via Bluetooth, put on some vintage Kishore Kumar tracks and was in seventh heaven.

The dial control takes getting used to but is nice.

Price: ₹12,990



Croma Boxwood 2.0 Photograph: Courtesy

Croma Boxwood 2.0

Made of wood, this pair of classic-looking speakers is heavy and feature deep bass.

I played Pink Floyd's Another brick in the wall and Mother and was impressed with the sound.

What's more, these speakers are loud and don't distort even at high volumes.

Price: ₹5,999


TAGG Loop Photograph: Courtesy


These speakers look solid and are a tad heavy.

That said, the output's quite good, especially with bass-heavy tracks and EDM.

One can listen to FM radio.

They also work as a battery bank.

Plus, you can answer calls if your phone is connected to this speaker.

Price: ₹4,999


Energy Sistem B2 Photograph: Courtesy

Energy Sistem B2

Small enough to be slipped into your pocket, this product also comes with a three-year warranty.

But don't let its size fool you.

The dialogues were quite crisp when I watched the latest episode of Silicon Valley on my phone.

Also, while the sound won't wake up your neighbours, I quite liked the overall clarity it offered.

Price: ₹3,499


Energy Sistem DJ2 Black Mic Photograph: Courtesy

Energy Sistem DJ2 Black Mic

The only headphones in this round-up, these have an interesting foldable design.

And while some may find the pair a tad tight, bass-heavy tracks work well on this DJ-style cans.

Also, they double up for calls but avoid wearing them on crowded roads since they tend to cut out ambient noise.

Price: ₹2,699

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