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Drool! A Ramzan food trail you can't miss

By Hitesh Harisinghani
Last updated on: June 05, 2019 09:41 IST
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Hitesh Harisinghani/ hits the the lanes of Mumbai's Mohammad Ali Road and Bohri Mohalla to soak in the Ramzan festivities.

IMAGE: No Ramzan celebration is complete without falooda. A hot favourite, these delightful packs are filled with falooda ingredients. All one needs to do is mix milk, and you are ready for a delicious dessert. 

IMAGE: The lanes of Mohammad Ali Road come to life with food stalls selling a variety of kebabs. Pictured above is the delectable seekh kebab being cooked. 

IMAGE: Take your pick -- from cutlets to rolls, crispy chicken and chicken on skewers, this platter is a foodie's delight.

IMAGE: Brun (kadak) pavs being stacked up.

IMAGE: Piping hot mutton samosas ready to be served. Aren't you drooling already?

IMAGE: This is how the khameeri roti is made. Mohammad Ismail has been making rotis for the last 30 years. These rotis are parceled across the country. 

IMAGE: When you're at Bohri Mohalla, you must try the Surti Bara Handi.

IMAGE: Food vendors pull all stops to serve you the best dishes.

IMAGE: How many types of chicken tikkas can you spot in this pic?

IMAGE: A group of helpers break their fast with fresh fruits.

IMAGE: Taking a break from his work, the street food vendor (standing in the middle) sips water and breaks his fast. 

IMAGE: Who can say no to such mouth-watering phirni?

IMAGE: Malpuas fried in a hot pan filled with ghee.

IMAGE: Why settle for a plain malpua when you can have it with yummy rabri?

IMAGE: A food tour through the streets will throw up some interesting sights too. Sadiq, who works at Al-Sana Collections, shows off his new hairstyle.

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