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Fabulous Backstage Moments

By Rediff Get Ahead
May 24, 2021 12:52 IST
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A closer look at what happened backstage at the China Graduate Fashion Week 2021.

Please click on the images for high-resolution photos.


IMAGE: With blue and silver glitter on her eyes, this model looks ready to shine.
All Photographs: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images


IMAGE: This model is seen applying last minute touches to her look. Don't miss the outfit that seems inspired by the COVID era.


IMAGE: Blue eyebrows, red cheeks, pink lips... a fashion show during a pandemic calls for some bold make up.


IMAGE: Fashion for the future, sci-fi silhouettes or cosmic couture? 


IMAGE: Models line up backstage before a show begins.


IMAGE: The fashion week clearly stuck to the coronavirus brief.


IMAGE: Old meets new! A model dressed in an oversized sweatshirt, paired with a red hat.


IMAGE: Despite the chaos, models find time to chat with friends and loved ones.


IMAGE: Hats off to a spectacular look that combines minimalistic fashion with sustainable accessories.


IMAGE: The models take a break as they unwind post a show.

Concept: Hitesh Harisinghani/
Presentation: Ashish Narsale/



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