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This article was first published 13 years ago  » Getahead » Students: All you want to know about studying in the US

Students: All you want to know about studying in the US

April 20, 2011 11:30 IST
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In an online chat on April 15 Ryan Pereira, Himanshu Dev and Behrooz Avari, Educational Advisors with United States India Educational Foundation answered readers' queries related to US higher education system, application process, shortlisting universities, admission tests, recommendation letters, effective statement of purpose, applying for financial aid, organising successful applications and classroom culture.

Here's the unedited chat transcript:

mamu asked, Dear Behrooz, how to get the effective statement of purpose and why is it important?
Behrooz answers,  at 2011-04-15 14:08:06The statement of purpose or SOP is the most critical document in your application packet. Since, the university admissions committee does not know you as a person, and you will not be going to meet them, it it your SOP that speaks for you. To write an effective SOP you really need to brainstorm, and let the university know your unique points, why you chose the university, why are you a good fit for the university, and also your academic and professional goals.

vijaya asked, When to start for VISA if my college is going to start in 19th Sep? I wants to go one month early, so when to apply for VISA?
Behrooz answers, You may apply for a visa 120 days before the start date mentioned on your I-20 and you may enter US 30 not more than 30 days from the date mentioned on your I-20

Himanshu Dev says, Prince asks, Himanshu, I have done one year post graduation in Business studies after completing Bachelors in India. I want to do Masters in Business administration with GMAT score of 650 and TOEFL 105. Can you tell me any good university in Texas or New york ? Hi Prince, would be a good online source. You can also visit USIEF Mumbai library for resources.

ryan says, Hi. This is Ryan and I am ready to take your questions

Himanshu Dev says, sameerpandita asks, I work as in the Govt of India and have a postgraduate degree in Technology . I wish to undertake an Advanced degree (PHD ) in Energy Economics . I have 7 years of experience and would like to know whether I need to take a GRE to study this course at the US universities like Deleware ?

sameerpandita asked, I work as in the Govt of India and have a postgraduate degree in Technology . I wish to undertake an Advanced degree (PHD ) in Energy Economics . I have 7 years of experience and would like to know whether I need to take a GRE to study this course at the US universities like Deleware ?
Himanshu Dev answers, Hi Sameer, you will have to take GRE for doing Ph.D. in USA irrespective of your experience. Some universities may also require you to take Subject GRE.

erroks asked, i like to do MS integrated marketing communication in USA....which universities are best and whats the cost of the course in the respective universities??
Behrooz answers, Since we are a an EducationUSA body we cannot endorse one college over another. To get a list of universities offering the course you are interested in, you may log-on to, click on the tab "For International Students" and you will be able to search for the program by state, field of study and level of study. Additionally we have a library where you may use the books for free to shortlist universities based on your field of study. Email us -- The cost varies from university to university and state to state, but can be anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000 per year.

vijaya asked, what is basic information that you are going to give us?
Behrooz answers, Any relevant question on Higher Studies in the US :)

wanttodoms asked, Hi Himanshu, What course can be taken up in USA for master in dietican
Behrooz answers, Please see my response to errocks for shortlisiting universities

sureshshah asked, i like to do ms in cs in jan,2012. can u give some good university with gre-1100 i can get admission
Himanshu Dev answers, Hi Suresh, please see response to erroks for your question.

Bhushan asked, Following are my academic and score details: BE-Mechanical (Shivaji University) Aggregate percentage: 67.11 GRE: 1130 (V370, Q 760, A 3.0) TOEFL: 99 Applied for MS in Industrial Engineering for Fall 2011 at 8 Universities: Admits from: 1. Arizona State University 2. Clemson University 3. University of Texas-Arlington 4. Oklahoma State University 5. Texas Tech University 6. Wayne State University Waiting for: 7. SUNY-Buffalo 8. University of Florida Please help me finalize the university on the basis of placement after MS, ranking and cost. Is it worth to wait for SUNY-Buffalo and University of Florida? When should I expect results from them? Is it high time to apply for VISA as my score is low?
ryan answers, Hi Bhushan, Congrats at getting admission at some fine universities in the US. You might want to get in touch with the Indian Student association at the respective schools since they would have a better idea regarding the placements for those particular schools. You might want to contact the remaining schools to find out when they will be making their decision. We always recommend that people apply for their visa as soon as possible which is 120 days before the start of their chosen course of study.

Navendu asked, Hi, I want to do a part time(Evening Class)MS degree. Is there any scope for getting there in any university or college for doing the partime MS?
Behrooz answers, As an international student in the US, you have to be a full-time student. You might want to look at online programs though.

popli asked, i am lawyer in India and want to study law in to go about it.
Himanshu Dev answers, Hi Popli, you will have to take LSAT to go to a law school.

popli asked, i am lawyer in India and want to study law in to go about it.
ryan answers, Hi Popli, The legal system in the United States, on the federal level and in almost all states, is based on the British system of common law. One state, Louisiana, has a system modeled on the French legal code. First Professional Degree The U.S. first professional degree, the juris doctor (J.D.), provides an education strongly focused on preparation for U.S. practice, with little opportunity for comparative or specialty study. For this reason, and because preparation in U.S. law will not easily transfer toward practice in other countries, the J.D. is usually inappropriate for foreign nationals. Although law schools offer individual courses that emphasize particular subject areas such as environmental law or taxation, there are no J.D. programs concentrating on any single specialty. J.D. degree programs involve three years of study, and are entered following four years of undergraduate study in any major. Competition for admission is intense for both U.S. and international students. Requirements generally include fluency in English, an excellent undergraduate academic record, and a satisfactory score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). (See for LSAT registration information.) To practice in the United States, graduates must also pass the bar examination and other requirements of the state where they wish to work. Graduate Legal Education The master of comparative law (M.C.L.), also known as the master of comparative jurisprudence (M.C.J.), is a particularly appropriate degree program for international lawyers. Recognizing that legal systems in many countries differ from common law as practiced in the United States; these programs acquaint lawyers from other countries with U.S. legal institutions and relevant specialties of U.S. law. Another graduate option is the master of laws (L.L.M.), a degree offered in a variety of specialties or as a self-designed program, with appropriateness for the international practitioner varying from program to program. Programs in international law or international business law may also be of interest. Almost all master's programs in law last one year and admit students only for the fall semester. Programs can be planned according to the interests of the student. During study, international lawyers have the opportunity to observe courts and government agencies in the United States. Entrance requirements include a first degree in law, a strong academic background, and letters of Reference, a statement of purpose and/or writing samples, and a high level of English proficiency as demonstrated by the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for students whose law degree was not in the English language. Most graduate law programs do not require standardized admissions tests. Doctoral programs in law also exist. They admit only a small number of promising applicants, usually from among those who have completed a master's program at a U.S. law school and who plan to enter a career as a law school faculty member. Financial assistance may be more readily available to law students intending to continue towards a doctoral degree than to those seeking only a one-year master's program. Short-term Legal Education Many U.S. law schools offer programs, particularly in the summer, either designed for or appropriate for international lawyers. These usually last between one week and two months. Professional associations and private training organizations offer similar programs. Your nearest U.S. educational information or advising center may be able to provide information on other options, such as tours to visit U.S. legal institutions. ✏ U.S. first professional degree programs in law (J.D.) are generally not appropriate for individuals planning to practice law outside the United States. However, a variety of other degree and short-term options specifically designed for international students exist at the graduate level. Useful Web Sites Law American Bar Association Association of American Law Schools Law School Admission Council National Conference of Bar Examiners

ap asked, how to get admitted in MIT for undergraduate engineering courses
Behrooz answers, Getting into engineering courses at MIT is highly competitive. You need to have really good academic records, and an above average score on SAT and SAT subject tests. But, having said that, remember that they are looking at an all-rounded profile.

Sunny asked, Can we do Master course in Social work or History in USA ?
Himanshu Dev answers, Yes Sunny, MSW and MA History is available in several universities. You can go to to see links to different websites to search universities and programs.

Behrooz says, Hey people, we are getting a loooot of questions, but we are trying our best to answer as fast as we can, and to as many as we can. Please be patient. Thanks :)

Sidharth asked, there are some universities in the US who do not ask for GRE and IELTS is sufficient.Does that mean these universities are not so good universities??? Is that a correct understanding???
Himanshu Dev answers, Hi Sidharth, you should look at the program and your needs. It should suit your interest.

akshaya asked, i have completed ph.d in production engg. (Mecha), i want to do postdoctorate in america with scholarship system , can y suggest me about any good university at Newjersy
ryan answers, Hi Akshaya, Look on for colleges offering postdoc study in New jersey. For fellowships, you may want to try looking on

nim asked, what is the best option in MBA for a person having 5 years of IT exp ...
Behrooz answers, Most US Universities require at least 2-3 years of work-experience. So, with your 5 years, you might stand a good chance provided you do well in your GMAT and on the MBA interview

BD asked, Hi I would like to know how advantageous it would be to study in USA, doing MBA after 7 years of experience & one MBA from India.Kindly advice
Behrooz answers, It depends on what you plan to get out of your MBA. An MBA from the US will help you in terms of interacting with other international students -- this will broaden your outlook and make you more globally competitive. Further as a student on an F-1 visa you have the benefit of doing the OPT (Optional Practical Training) for one year after you have graduated.

pankaj asked, my daughter has done BPT degree programme in india and now wants to do masters in phsiotherapy from us. Can you suggust university,procedure and cost factor for studies. pankaj
ryan answers, Hello Pankaj, Your daughter might want to look on for more information on searching for universities and financing her studies in Physiotherapy

Jis asked, I have completed M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering. I would like to know whether any university allows to pursue Ph.D without GRE
Behrooz answers, Each university has a different policy on admissions tests. However, most universities might require the GRE. In addition, some universities will also require you to take the Subject GRE

Murgan asked, Hey I have completed BBA from a US university in 2008 and currently working in India. Can you suggest any program for me besides MBA? I want to continue working in the Finance industry.
Himanshu Dev answers, Hi Murgan, there are several MS programs in Finance too. They may vary: MS Finance, MS Economics with concentration in Finance, Applied Mathematics programs, etc.

Sidharth asked, I have 9 yrs of work experience.I have a degree in BE (Electeonics and telecom) and i plan to pursue MS in Telecommunication.What according to you will outwieigh the other.....Will the university folks stress on my educational qualification or my telecom work experience???
ryan answers, Hi Sidharth, Admission committees look at the overall application which includes academic profile,standardized scores, essays, recommendation letters and the research or work experience of the applicant.

vijaya asked, When will be VISA interview as early as possible for Sep-2011 intake?
ryan answers, Hi Vijaya, The visa interview can be scheduled 120 days before the start date of the course that is shown on the I-20. For the 1st of Sept, you could apply for the visa on the 1st of May.

rishi asked, HI, I'm in 3rd year of my B.Tech and want to pusue MS from a good US univeristy . Pls advise on required exams ( GRE . TOefl ) and timelines after my finals this year .
Behrooz answers, The GRE is changing from Aug 1, 2011. If you want to take the old GRE you will need to give it before July 31. The U.S. academic year begins in late August or early September, (Fall) and many universities will also accept applications for January admission. The following is the preferred timetable for applying to U.S. universities, beginning the year before an August entry. June-August Talk with your family about financial resources Visit USIEF Mumbai and become familiar with the application process. Register for tests such as the TOEFL, SAT, SATII, GRE, or GMAT August-November Take entrance tests Research universities and identify between four and ten that meet your needs December-March Pay careful attention to deadline dates. Submit applications June-July Apply for a student visa Attend a pre-departure orientation program held by USIEF Mumbai

vsrao asked, hi, I am Rao, Can you give me the short listed universities in technology courses in MS
Behrooz answers, Please visit the website or visit our office and use the library (free of charge) to shortlist universities.

HETUL asked, i guess i need post my Question again! here it is Q:I have an admit at Univ of Buffalo for MS CS and i am waiting for Univ of Minnesota. Is it worth spending almost double then buffalo at U of Minnesota.
ryan answers, Hi Hetul, Congrats on your admission. Univ of buffalo is a good school and if money is an issue it makes sense to accept the offer from Buffalo. May I suggest the you look into the help USIEF can provide to those going to the US this Fall. Especially our pre-depature orientation that takes place on 8th July. Contact USIEF for more info or wait for updates on

sunil dabas asked, i am having six year teaching experience of mathematics now i want to do phd mathematics tell me what is the procedure for the same
ryan answers, Hi Sunil, The application process may seem like a very complicated process, with a mountain of paperwork to complete and many deadlines. Here are a number of things to remember about the application process for international students. It is advisable to start this process approximately eighteen months before you plan to begin studies in the U.S. The American academic year begins between August and September, and a majority of undergraduate students generally are admitted into the Fall term. A) Obtain information about institutions that offer the program you want to pursue. Contact an EducationUSA Adviser in your area, use reference guides and surf the Internet to locate specific institutions that offer the degree you are seeking. B) Communicate directly with the admissions offices of the U.S. educational institutions to obtain information and application forms. Indicate the major academic area of interest to you. Make sure that you have your name printed consistently and clearly on all correspondence. C) Read all materials received carefully to determine: whether the program you want is offered; whether you meet the minimum academic requirement; if you require financial assistance; whether your proposed program is available; and whether you can meet the application deadlines. D) Apply to more than one institution (at least five). U.S. institutions receive many applications and often cannot accommodate all qualified applicants. You may decide which institution to attend after you have received your letters of acceptance. E) Complete the admission application carefully and thoroughly. Be consistent when giving your name and contact information on the application and in all correspondence. If some of your records are under a different name, be sure you indicate that on the application. Complete all items on the application and submit all items requested. F) Submit the appropriate application fee in U.S. currency (bank cheques, money orders or by credit card) with your application. Most institutions will not process an application without the fee. G) Provide official academic records from local secondary and/or tertiary level institutions both in the native language and in English translation. Official documents must bear the seal of the school and authorized signature. Photocopies are not usually acceptable unless they are officially attested as exact copies of the original document. H) Non-native English speakers are usually required to take an English proficiency exam such as TOEFL or IELTS. Register early for either of these exams and request that the your scores are forwarded to the institutions to which you are applying. I) Register for the tests required by the institution to which you are applying (for example: SAT or ACT tests are typically suggested for undergraduate applicants, and GRE or GMAT are accepted by graduate admission programs.) J) Request letters of recommendation as required by the program/institution. Teachers and guidance counselors, professors, mentors, and supervisors generally write these letters. K) Submit verification of scholarship or other financial support. L) Note the deadlines for application. Allow time for mail delays, application consideration, and for obtaining passport and visa when you are admitted. Apply early. M) Allow 6 to 8 weeks after sending your complete application to the institution of your choice for an admission decision. Many schools and departments, however, send admission offers around March and April for the fall semester. N) If you receive an offer of acceptance and decide not to accept it is courteous to notify an institution if you will not accept their offer of admission. O) Remember: Institutions will only forward the Certificate of Eligibility (I-20 or DS-2019) after you have been accepted, your level of English proficiency has been determined, and your funding has been established as sufficient to meet the institution's expenses. Once you receive the eligibility certificate you can the apply for a student visa. All the best to you.

shashank asked, I would like to apply for the fall intake and having problems in finding right school for me, as almost the deadlines have gone in number of schools so how can i get a info for a school which is still accepting the applications for admission , i want to apply for mechanical engineering as a freshman student.
Himanshu Dev answers, Hi Shashank, if you have already taken the required tests then there are still some universities which have their application deadlines open. You can go to for links to various websites to search for the universities and the deadlines. Please take the time to look at the "Useful Information", "Links", "News" and especially the "Free Downloads" located on the main page of our website. You may find the answers to many of your questions in these resource areas. To find an educational advising center in your area please search the following website:

ratan asked, i am in my late forties can i apply for ms in us with scholarship for say havard
ryan answers, Hi Ratan, There is no age limit for applying for studies in the US.

ratan asked, i am in my late forties can i apply for ms in us with scholarship for say havard
Behrooz answers, There is no age-limit for students at US universities. As long as you have the zeal for learning, backed by good academic records, you may apply. Granting of financial aid or scholarships differs from university to university

ratan asked, while doing a phd can one do a part time course
Himanshu Dev answers, Hi Ratan, while doing your Ph.D. you allowed to take other short term courses. It would depend on the two respective courses. Many people do different Graduate Certificate programs to boost their concentration.

megha asked, I am masters in journalism and mass communications from India and want to do further course in marketing communications from to start.
ryan answers, Hi Megha, First shortlist univs that offer your field of interest. Next do the standardized exams needed by the schools like the GRE and TOEFL. Later get the application packet ready by writing your SOPs and getting recommendation letters ready. Send in the application by December. While you wait for univs to make up their minds you could start looking for how to finance your studies.

chivaz asked, how long is the opt for a masters program?
Behrooz answers, After completion of every degree in the US, students are eligible for the OPT for a period of 12 months. However, for STEM subjects -- (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) there could be an extension of 17 months. However, you need to get a job directly related to your major and within 60 days after you graduate

hiral asked,  hi sir,which are the good colleges for ms and phd in environment engineering and how much it cost
ryan answers, Hi Hiral, Go to to search for colleges that offer MS and PhD in environmental engineering. Costs vary by colleges with state colleges usually costing less than private colleges. Also try and decide whether you want to do an MS or a PhD since there is lot more funding for students studying towards a PhD degree. All the best.

bhavesh asked, which are the counseling institutes in Mumbai who can help me??
Behrooz answers, There are many private counselors and agents in India. However, the US-India Educational Foundation (EducationUSA) is the only official body affiliated with the US Dept of State. Our address is: USIEF, Maker Bhavan 1, Floor 2, New Marine Lines, Churchgate (East), Mumbai 400020. Tel: 22624603. Email:

zeeshan asked, Hullo. I'm in my third year at IIT-Bombay CSE. I've given my GRE (1580) and have an aggregate GPA of 9.81. Are my scores sufficient to get into top schools like MIT and Stanford?
Behrooz answers, Although your scores are quite impressive, please remember that the US universities don't just look at scores alone. The entire application packet is taken into consideration.

AKbar asked, after finishing my masters, do i hv to come back to india or can i again apply for another course/degree from there itself?
Himanshu Dev answers, You can apply to any programs but you will have to apply for visa from India.

rohitbanota asked, please respond: i have 7 yrs work ex in sales and marketing, already an mba but from not a good institute, worked with P&G as manager for 4 years, can i get admitted to an ivy league college for an MBA ?
ryan answers, Hi Rohitbanato, You can apply to the Ivy league schools for the MBA. All schools have a set of criteria on which they judge the applicants which include their academic profile, GMAT/GRE scores, work experience, essays and recommendation letters. Without knowing about the other parameters it would be hard for us to tell you whether you have a good chance of getting into an Ivy League school. All the best.

ravinder asked, hi sir, my daughter is doing 12th this year. which university/college she can join for journilism or hospitality sector. pl tell if they offer some scholarship
Behrooz answers, Kindly log-on to or visit our library to use books free of charge for shortlisiting colleges for your daughter. She will need to take the SAT and TOEFL for applying to US universities. Many universities offer financial aid, but each university has different criteria.

AKbar asked, Do you hv any branches in hyderabad too? or kindly recommend any good counselors in hyderabad? Thanks
ryan answers, Hi Akbar, USIEF has a satellite center in Hyderabad. UNITI Foundation, Hyderabad 040 6666 8435

Behrooz says, We are almost out of time, but there are soooooo many questions unanswered. Please contact us so that we as an official body can guide you on pursuing higher studies in the US. You may email or call us 22624603 (Mon-Fri \, 9:30am -- 5:30pm)

vijaya asked, how easy to get extention in VISA if I wants to go for further studies or wants to change the major?
Himanshu Dev answers, Vijaya, you will have to apply for visa from India only.

juiy asked, what is cost of living in us boston
ryan answers, Hi Juiy, It depends on where you live. One can lower the cost of living by sharing an apartment, cooking your own food, using cellphones with good plans etc. All the best.

AKbar asked, im not clear about fall or spring admissions? can you tell me when all the admissioins begin in the U.S for Masters in IT?
Himanshu Dev answers, Below is the recommended timetable for applying to universities in the United States. It is sometimes possible to complete the process more quickly, but you may have a much more limited choice of schools. Planning well ahead gives you sufficient time to make successful applications to the colleges of your choice. 12 TO 18 MONTHS PRIOR to the academic year in which you hope to enroll, begin to consider, research, and do the following: What are your reasons for wanting to study in the United States? Which universities will meet your needs? Will you need financial assistance? Find out application and financial aid deadlines. This will affect when you take the standardized tests required for admission since test results must reach admissions offices no later than these deadlines. The tests should be taken in advance of submitting university application forms. Register to take standardized tests if required by the universities to which you are applying. Begin narrowing down your choices of schools to at list 3 institutions. 12 MONTHS PRIOR to enrollment, complete the following (months indicated are estimates, based on fall enrollment): AUGUST Contact universities for application and financial aid forms and catalogs. Register to take required standardized test (TOEFL, SAT I/ SAT II (undrgraduate level), GRE General Test/ GRE Suject, GMAT (graduate level) or other admissions tests, as necessary SEPTEMBER â€" DECEMBER Request an official transcript from your school. Request letters of recommendation from your teachers. Submit completed application forms (for admission as well as financial aid). Double check that transcripts and references have been sent. Take the necessary admissions tests. JANUARY â€" APRIL University application deadlines must be met; note that these are for regular admission â€" early admission deadlines will be sooner. APRIL â€" JUNE Letters of acceptance or rejection arrive. Decide which university to attend, notify the admissions office of your decision, complete and return any forms they require. Send letters of regret to those universities you turn down. Organize finances: arrange to transfer funds to a U.S. bank; make sure you have funds for travel and expenses on arrival. Finalize arrangements for housing and medical insurance with your university. JUNE â€" AUGUST Use information from your Form I-20 or DS-2019 to fill out the SEVIS Form I-901 and pay the $100 required SEVIS fee (see SEVIS information for description of SEVIS form and fee). Upon receipt of your I-20 and SEVIS I-901 payment receipt, apply to your nearest U.S. embassy or consulate for a visa. This should be as far in advance of your departure date as possible (see "Student Visas"). Make travel arrangements. Contact the International Student Office at your university with details of your arrival plans, and confirm details of any orientation for new students held by the university. (Information was taken from

ljk asked, Is GRE also acceptable for doing MBA in US? wwhich one is more preferable GRE/GMAT or both have same value
Behrooz answers, Since last year some business schools have started accepting the GRE.

misnomer asked, Hello, I have got an admit from Oklahoma state university for MS in Electrical Engineering for FALL2011. I am trying for the scholarships but the university itself is not in position to speak up about it at present moment. Can you please let me know if I can have any alternative to get the scholarships.
Behrooz answers, Do a search for trusts in India that offer scholarships or loan scholarships. There are plenty, but you need to work hard to get the information

Sushruth asked, I am doing M.Sc. in medical radiation physics in uk. Guide for Ph.D. in US
ryan answers, Hi Sushruth, You could start by looking for colleges that offer that course at the PhD level. I suggest searching on the website for possible schools. You then have to do the standardized exams usually the GRE and TOEFL (check with each school you plan on applying to). Then get the applications ready, this involves writing your SOP and getting the recommendation letters. Try and send the application in by end of December (some schools might want the application earlier). While you wait to hear from the schools, you might want to read up about the research done at each school and identify people you might want to work with for your PhD. Good luck and all the best.

AKbar asked, Is phd higher then masters?
ryan answers, Hi Akbar, The PhD is usually a terminal degree done after one gets a masters' degree.

subir asked, Hi Guys...This is the 3rd time I am posting my question.I have done my MBA from India and have 5 years of work ex in total , out of which 2 years as an entrepreneur....I wish to do a 1 year specialized course in Strategic Consulting . I have two questions : 1) Do US universities have such courses ? 2) Do they Consider Work ex as an entrepreneur as a valid work ex
ryan answers, Hi Subir, I suggest you look on for schools that offer the course you are looking for. Each college has it's own set of rules regarding work experience, thus you will have to get in touch with the individual colleges to check whether they will accept your work experience since it might be hard to document such experience. All the best

Behrooz says, We are not taking any questions. Time to leave this wonderful chatroom. However, feel free to contact us. United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF), Western Region Office, Maker Bhavan-1, Floor 2, New Marine Lines, Churchgate (East), Mumbai 400020 INDIA │Tel. +91-22-22624603 │Fax +91-22-22663956 │ │Website:,, ========= USIEF (formerly USEFI) is a bi-national Fulbright Commission, and EducationUSA Advising Center affiliated to the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs (ECA). USIEF Mumbai is a regional center for Western India (viz. the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh, and the Union Territories Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli). We are open Mon-Fri. Do stop by :-)

Behrooz says, 

ryan says, Thank you for attending this webchat. Good luck to all of you planning on studying in the US. Ryan

Himanshu Dev says, Thank you guys for joining us and rediff to arrange for it. Our information for any future reference has been just posted. Best Wishes. All the best.

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