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Study Abroad: How to get into a top b-school

February 20, 2016 08:06 IST
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Overseas education consultant NNS Chandra shares advice on how to pick the right international education.

In an online chat with readers every Friday, overseas education consultant NNS Chandra offers advice on how to pick the right course and career abroad.

For those who missed the chat on February 19, here's the unedited transcript:

Ramu Paswan: NNS, I am a student. 10th std. From Bangalore. I want to study in USA after my high school. Will IB school help me? It is costly. Any other advice?

NNS Chandra: Dear Ramu, I like IB as a curriculum.

Not only it is academically challenging, it also challenges a student to go all the way to develop several important soft skills like leadership, compassion (voluntarism) and trigger intellectual curiosity with EE and ToK.

Yes. I know it is an expensive program. Bangalore got several great IB schools. Admission officers take IB students seriously.

Other advice? Ofcourse, be a good student, Or rather a great student. Enjoy your high school year. Prepare for university.Start early. Make a plan. Thanks for the questions,

Ujjwal Arora: My son did his Mech Engg from Thapar and want to go to US for MBA from below 30 or so ranked colleges.

He got 740 in GMAT and is now working in a start up education co for work ex.

Our concern is whether after his MBA, will he get worthwhile job in India and will it be wise and prudent to spend about a crore on a degree. regards, U K Arora

NNS Chandra: Opportunities for well trained and experienced professionals are still good in India. But data shows the take home salary is shrinking.

A training in the USA alone is no longer a sure ticket to success. I admit.

I teach management and I see students from around the world coming to United States for a fancy degree and spend as you say "a crore". Does it make financial sense? Difficult to answer.

One thing I can assure is that, in USA, especially in top b-school he will get a good training and that will open several possibilities.

Converting possibilities into success depends on individuals and several other environmental factors. Please do ask him to email me.

Internships, in most cases, comes with a financial assistance. If you can email me the details I can guide more accurately.

Ujjwal Arora: Thanks for the encouragement. I have been advised that best method of funding such education should be to take loan in students name which he will repay after getting job and collateral can be parents property.

NNS Chandra: Ujjwal, Keep debt to as low as possible. Ask him to work and save for an year more.

I understand that the student must be responsible for the cost of education, when it comes to higher education.

But I get nervous when I see the debt young generation is taking on their shoulders. I know in India the family is there but in North America this has become a major political problem.

Surya kiran g v: [SKB] Dear sir I have been for presentation on USA SEP programme yesterday in Hyderabad, my son is in grade 7th, can you explain the programme in detail, how to enrol in the programme, is there any exam to get into the programme,

NNS Chandra: Thanks for attending my seminar. Appreciate. I was talking about enrichment in education, which is a model of learning now getting lot of attention in academic world.

The basic concept is simple, learning must be complemented by experiencing and that gets cemented with reflections.

That cycle of learning, experiencing and reflecting makes the student enriched.

We educators talk about great teachers like Budha or ancient systems of learning like Vipasana or Gurkul methods follow the same model of SEP. Student Enrichment Program

Thomas: Which university in Europe or America offer MS through research? Can we get scholarships? Any short term courses?

NNS Chandra: I will answer your last question first Thomas. Several short term courses are offered in almost all research universities on methodologies etc. GT got a great course in research statistics.

One cannot complete all academic requirements for a securing a masters only through academic research. Must attend course work and take exams for example. Upto 70 % credits some universities allow for research work and rest in academic work and teaching.

Harikrishnakumar V: I am an engineering graduate. I am very much interested in research. Will I get research internships in USA? Where to apply? Will I get scholarships?

NNS Chandra: I am happy to know about your interest, Hari. Yes, there are several research internships available for qualified international students.

Bench mark is challenging including a training in methodology, demonstrated research products and peer reviewed published works.

Several academic foundations other than Universities themselves offer such opportunities.

Internships, in most cases, will come with a financial package -- to answer your last question. All the best.

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