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How to be employable after college

September 16, 2015 15:27 IST
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"Spruce up your CV and seek some professional advise if needed.

"Register your CV on prominent job sites to maximise chances of reaching out to more companies.

"Visit the websites of companies that you are interested in and track vacancies.

"Add on some certifications in your area of work; this will help you get better jobs."

Prof RSS Mani, ITM Group of Institutions shares advice on how to find a job after college.

How to be employee after collegeIn an online chat with readers, Prof RSS Mani, education consultant and vice president-institutional development, ITM Group of Institutions addressed queries on how to prepare for a job interview and offered tips on how to improve one's chances of employment.

For those who missed the chat on September 14, here's the unedited transcript:

sakshi mukshe: [SKB] how can one find a job from e-Rojgar government website?

RSS Mani: the site gives all directions once you login and register with your email id

seema rao: sir i want more help from you as I am trying to get back to industry still thinking to put my own conditions to rejoin my partner as is also in need but not as much as I do

RSS Mani: reach me with your cv on

gaurav : Sir I am Post Graduate in Life Science. And Did my B.Ed. Last Year. I have been working as a translator/ Proofreader.How Can I develop public speaking and presentation skills. Please suggest, I am lacking in this field.

RSS Mani: Many institutions offer courses in public speaking and personality development ..join these and develop your confidence

The Indo American Society in Mumbai is one of the best options for public speaking courses

avinash labade: I have 11 years experience in Accounting and I am working in last 8 years MNC company as Assit Mgr Accts pls suggest me I will search another job or continue with exciting company.

RSS Mani: If your company is taking good care of you and you are enjoying your work ..stay on ..ELSE you may consider moving out to another job ..BUT dont resign till you have another confirmed offer in hand ..the job market is very unpredictable !

nova: I have just completed by B.Com. from University of Mumbai with A Grade (6.40/7.00). I suffer from uncontrollable epilepsy. What kind of job do you suggest for me.

RSS Mani: Compliments on completion of your BCom with good grades. Do meet a career counsellor who can guide you further. You should choose jobs that do not stress you much.

gaurav: I am a proof reader in a publishing house. I want to switch in teaching or administration area. How to start it please suggest?

Right sir, Please suggest how to develop public speaking and presentation skills

RSS Mani: For administration area, it is better to do a part time MBA in HR to have a good career foundation ..

seema rao: Sir I am not doing job since 2011 I have six yrs experience in HR in manufacturing industry mean while I was associated with a job consultancy which was not in profit my partner has offered me to join again but on his TandC at this point what's better for me job or my own work my limitation is my family which needs time and how i can do better plz guide

RSS Mani: A part time job is better as you have family responsibility ..the TATA group, HUL have second inning careers for women who wish to get back to industry ,you may also consider teaching as an option .You can reach me offline if you need some more help

gaurav: I am a proof reader in a publishing house. I want to switch in teaching area. How to start it please suggest?

RSS Mani: Do your masters in the area you wish to teach in ..develop your public speaking and presentation skills and start taking some guest lectures in schools or junior colleges a visiting faculty first , test the waters and then take the plunge.

multi group: Hello sir, I am in healthcare sector (admin.) planning for a job in ME. is it better to go thru a consultant in India or go there and search. i have some friends there who can arrange for accomodation. Thanks.

RSS Mani: YES . a consultant who is based there can help you BEST

Friends can he a huge economic and moral support. Apply for a few jobs, set up a few appointments with consultants and then fly across for the interviews

girish ln: How to find genuine online work

RSS Mani: Start trying in a small way ..DO NOT take up any assignment where you need to apply to get online jobs cautious , work hard and success will come your way ..

Gargee Mande: Sir is there any vacancy for consultant or QHSE manager in your organization

RSS ManI: We are an educational institution ..please apply to engineer or manufacturing companies for a job

girish ln: Your thoughts on online money making

RSS Mani: Very risky!..Better to work hard and make the money off line

Gargee Mande: Sir I am certified LA for 9000, 14001, 18001 std along with MBA with overall work exp of 15 yrs..have been trying to get a job in middle east. but no luck so far.

RSS Mani: The market in ME is very erratic now locals are taking over positions slowly ..Keep trying via spcifis websites that advertise UAE positions and keep trying ..DONT LOSE HOPE

romil: Sir I want to be an animator, I want to pursue a career in animation, can you suggest me some suitable courses.

RSS Mani: Animation and graphics etc are very exciting courses .Better to do a bachelors in mass media and do some short term courses in related areas of your interest .This will ensure a solid career foundation

Gargee Mande: Sir I want to work as an management systems auditor abroad. how can i apply for the same

RSS Mani: There are many dedicated jobsites for jobs abroad ..u may also follow the newspaper advertisements ..Hope you have done your MBA ..ELSE DO IT NOW

Shubham Paldewar: Sir I want to make my son an IT professional, he is studying in 10th standard, can you give me some tips ?

RSS Mani: Let him drop biology and study computers from XI onwards .let him join a class and prepare well for his JEE exams ..i hope he also is keen on computers as you are !!

pramod ingole: Sir I have 14yrs experience in IT as helpdesk now i done CCNA,MCSA AND ITIL V3 CERTIFICATION and now i m looking for a job since last 3 months but unable to get...what i do now?

RSS Mani: The job market today is very unpredictable ..hence apply thru job-sites, company websites , newspaper advts and such ..DONT GIVE UP ..Keep enhancing your skills and knowledge base

Ganesh Walke: I want to be a chartered accountant, I am studying in T.Y.Bcom, what should be mt immediate step once I clear my graduation?

RSS Mani: Immediately get onto the CA exams route ..also ensure you join a good class as they can guide you in your preparations .Identify a CA where you can do article ship later on.

Nitya Shetty: Is Bpo sector a good career choice after graduation?

RSS Mani: Best to complete your post graduation without a break and then seek a job ..MBA, CFA are good options for you

Vinod Thour: Sometimes recruiters try to ask you difficult questions and put you in a spot. How to overcome the situation. pls advice

RSS Mani: This is rare ..some of these interviews derive sadistic pleasure by troubling the candidate do your best and good jobs will come your way.

Varsha Singhe: Sir, I have received two offers -- one from TCS and one from Wipro. How do I make the right choice?

RSS Mani: Based on better role and location ..also choose that one where you can join immediately and not be benched for 3-6 months

Siraj Memon: How to negotiate best salary when you don't have work experience?

RSS Mani: Don't negotiate without work experience ..every company has its standard pay packages for freshers. Join in, perform to the best of your abilities and then negotiate for perks and increased pay.

Zoran Saher: Is Journalism a good career choice?

RSS Mani: Yes, but do plan to do your masters in mass communication to have a good career foundation.

Shubham Paldewar: I want to be a radio jockey, currently I am in my final year graduation, can you suggest any courses that I should go for after graduation?

RSS Mani: Some short term courses in mass communication or a masters in mass comm would be ideal.

You could also consider courses related to voice modulation and phonetics ..Else an MBA too would be a good choice ..

kriti sethi: How can one find a job from e-Rojgar government website?

RSS Mani: This link is very useful and can guide you ..

Gajanan Bose: Sir are there any vacancies in your prestigious company?

RSS Mani: Yes ..various ..apply through our website please

chirag Cheran: There is always a section in an interview wherein the interviewer asks the candidate to speak on a given topic, how should we handle this part of the interview?

How to speak on a given topic for 3 - 5 minutes?

RSS Mani: Prepare on a list of topics -- some of general interest, some related to your job areas rehearse as much as possible at home and gain more expertise and confidence. Conquer your fear of speaking in public.

rakesh: Can you suggest some good courses after graduation (BCom)

RSS Mani: CA, MBA FINANCE, M COM LLB are all great options for you. Do decide based on your aptitude and interests.

Simon Xavier: Sir I am studying in HSC and I am very much interested in doing my post graduation on Health science. Is it a good choice, i mean is it the right choice for my career?

RSS Mani: Yes, it is an excellent option .You can do para medical courses such as optometry, nursing or event pathology you can then do your masters in health care management also

Roshan Parkar: Sir how to get a job after college?

RSS Mani: Contact companies through their websites. Use jobsites to scout for; most sites have a separate section on jobs for freshers

Vimlesh Purohit: What skills are employers looking for in graduates?

RSS Mani: Domain knowledge, people skills, tech savvy, positive attitude and tons of perseverance and patience

Viraj Garad: I am in second year. Pls advice how to get internships

RSS Mani: CONTACT COMPANIES VIA THEIR WEBSITES .Use jobsites to scout for internships; most sites have a separate section on this .Use your family connections as appropriate ..

deepikadeewani: I have read that data scientist the sexiest job of 21st century. Pls tell me how to pursue a career in it. I am an accountant with 5 yrs of work experience in an MNC

RSS Mani: You need a solid foundation in computer science and applications, modelling, statistics, analytics and math.

What sets the data scientist apart is strong business acumen.

Good data scientists will pick the right problems that have the most value to the organization and find solutions …IBM is the leader in this space

Amit: I am 43 years old. I am in search of job for last 2/3 years. I have an experience of more than 18 years working in equity dealing not getting job. what to do?

RSS Mani : Spruce up your CV and seek some professional advise if needed; do register your CV on prominent job sites to maximise chances of reaching out to more companies.

Do visit the websites of companies that you are interested in and track vacancies.

Do add on some certifications in your area of work ; this will help you get better jobs

kamlesh pal: [SKB] I am professional graduate n having 8 years in channel sales experience. But last 4 Yrs I was running my family business. Now I am looking for job. Searching job especially in telecom.

RSS Mani: Visit the job sites of telecom companies ..also register with head hunters and job sites to get maximum opportunities.

Since you need a break into the corporate world again. Do not be very choosy.

Mayank Mehta: Sir I have done my MCom, and I'm having experience of 10 years in accountancy.

I want to open my own firm, can't understand from where to start? plz give some advice

RSS Mani: Do connect up with a CA who is known to you as he can guide you about various facets of company formation and such.

Then you need to decide about office space and staffing for the same. An attractive brochure and a website would be most critical to reach across to potential customers

chirag Cheran: Sir I have done my MBA in finance, but I have done my MBA from India.

I am very keen to go abroad, Is it possible to get a job in US even if I have done my MBA from India?

RSS Mani: Very difficult as most countries prefer that you do your terminal degree there. Work for a few years in India and then try abroad.

M S Sanghavi: Sir can you give some tips on how to go prepared for an interview?

RSS Mani: Prepare a robust CV, have some mock interviews prior to the actual one, SMILE, be calm and collected and don't bluff. Answer to the best of your abilities.

rati pandit: Considering my qualifications and experience am underpaid.

My ex-colleague mentioned that he lost an opportunity at a bigger firm due to his current low salary.

At the same time my colleague got 2 offers at 2x his salary at same time. So is it difficult to switch job to a better place if one is underpaid?

One PSU refused to give more than 20 per cent hike and people get 30-50 per cent.

RSS Mani: Getting a job offer depends upon so many factors such as prior experience, qualifications, current salary, reference checks and such.

Hence we cannot predict why anyone got a certain offer. However, do spruce up your CV and highlight your achievements

shaishav: If the employer asks me to sign the offer letter right away, should I agree or ask for more time?

RSS Mani: If you have researched the company and are happy with the role / job that you have been offered; go ahead and accept.


Gajanan Bose: Can you suggest some good career options for economics graduates?

RSS Mani: PG from London school of Economics..ECONOMETRICS at masters level , Careers in banking and insurance ..

Vinod Thour: How do deal with rejection in interview?

RSS Mani: The interviewer felt you were NOT suitable for the position; NOT TO WORRY ..Try elsewhere.


alisha dcosta: How to tackle telephonic and video interviews? pls advice

RSS Mani: Telephonic : VOICE IS MOST CRITICAL ..speak slowly and clearly. Don't eat or chew during the interaction.

Please ensure that you are in a noise free zone with no disturbances.

The same applies for video also BUT ensure you are in formal dress and ensure proper etiquette as you are not only heard but also seen

steffi fernandes: Is it important to do a Masters degree to be employed in a good organisation?

RSS Mani: A masters degree in management will always be a good career value add on; you may do it at the earliest possible opportunity.

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