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ASK ROOPASHREE: My stomach feels bloated, please help

Last updated on: March 04, 2021 12:40 IST
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Wellness expert Roopashree Sharma suggests ways to calm the stomach.

Stomach pain

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Dear Reader, Health is something we all take for granted. Until, one day, we get a rude wake-up call and find that we can no longer do so.

Worried about your health?

Do you want to build your immunity?

Are you facing skin or hair issues?

Is your digestive system giving you trouble?

Or is belly fat your problem?

Mail your queries to wellness expert Roopashree Sharma at (SUBJECTLINE: Roopashree, can you help?) for her advice.


I am a 46-year-old male and have regular issues with my digestive system, primarily gastric issues.
There are times when my stomach feels bloated like a balloon.
I also feel burning sensation inside the stomach but I don't feel constipated. 
I walk or workout 4-5 times a week regularly. 
Can you please advise some remedy or solution for these gastric issues in the stomach?
Thank you.
Mandeep Arneja

A combination of bloating and acidity could be due to Vata and Pitta imbalance.

Your digestive system needs a break and a little bit of detox. Also, not all of us can digest the gluten intake from wheat. Processed milk and cottage cheese are not easy to digest either.

Try a diet free from these three for two months see how it feels.

If chapati is your staple, you can use flour made from Khapli wheat as it has less gluten so you will not get too much bloating.

Also, don’t consume any packaged proteins, usually recommended post workout, as they are also difficult to digest. You can opt for natural proteins like pulses which are the best source of high proteins.

Lastly, a plant-based diet is recommended for those with a weaker digestive fire.

Try these tips for a month. If it makes you feel better, you will know what foods don’t agree with your body and can avoid or limit consumption in future.

Hi Roopashree,
I am 29, male, weight 59.5 kg, height 5'9'' (a vegetarian) and basically skinny.
In today's world, maximum persons have concern over their excess weight and are focused on reducing. It is seen that if the required plan/diet is followed, effective results do occur. In my case, it's just the reverse.
Can you please guide on how to increase weight? I should be having a weight of at least 68 kg, considering my height and age.
Basically, I am a fit person and occasionally have cough and cold (I have sinus). Other than that, I do have energy/strength to do work.
My shoulder, arm and lower portion of my legs are very thin.
I would like to know how I can improve my health and thereby have some fat/muscle in the above-mentioned parts effectively.
Would really appreciate a solution.

As per Ayurveda, the vata imbalance often leads to a lean or overweight physique.

Vata consists of the air and space element in the body and controls the digestive function. Thus, the common symptoms of an imbalance are bloating, gastric issues and frequent burping.

It is important to first balance this dosha and the rest shall fall in place. You can visit an Ayurveda practitioner to confirm the same.

Firstly, maintain your food intake at proper intervals.

Remember that morning meals should help detox (fruits), afternoon meals are for energy (carbs with little protein and other nutrients) and evening meals are for the body’s ability to manage wear and tear, weight gain, etc (hence low in carbs and high in protein).

Exercising is important but avoid heavy workouts until you gain muscle.

Start with simple stretches and walks. After a month, opt for the Vinyasa form of surya namaskar under supervision.

Practising the two well-known pranayams, Anulom Vilom and Kapal Bhati, for 10-15 minutes will help you with your sinus problem and also improve digestion.

Besides all, remember to love your body. Stay happy!

Hello Ms Roopashree,
I am a 42-year-old Pune resident and affected with dengue two years ago.
After that, I often feel pain in the lower half of both legs below the calves.
Please suggest which exercise will help to overcome this.
Santosh Deshpande

As you may know, dengue has a direct impact on our platelet count and the body takes time to get to a healthy state. Although your platelets might be in the normal range, you should check to see if they are still towards the lower side.

Then visit an Ayurveda practitioner who could recommend a course of action to strengthen immunity, with medication or natural stimulants like giloy.

You can go for morning or evening strolls for gentle exercising of your calf muscles.

Once you have clarity on your platelet health, you can gradually start with basic yoga stretches like air cycling and Uttanasana to strengthen your calf muscles.

Hello Madam,
I am Shivaprakash, age 50, height 158 cms, weight 58 kgs and staying in Bengaluru.
I am doing good, running 6 kms, doing basic yogasana every day and do not have any issues with my health.
I have dark colour around my eyes.
Please advise me how to get rid of this. I have consulted skin specialists but it was not helpful.
Kindly request you to please suggest a remedy.
Thanks and regards,
Shivaprakash H B

Let’s understand that dark circles are not a problem, but an indicator of some problem in the body. The reasons could be many like strained eyes due to longer screen-time, lack of timely sleep, constipation or dehydration.

Since you are diligent on your exercise schedule, watch your screen-time and ensure you sleep properly for eight hours (10 pm - 6 am ideally). Also, get a complete body check-up to examine the nutrition levels balance.

In dietary intake, have barley water for a week (twice daily) to control any excess levels of cholesterol and bile.

Fresh carrot juice with some spinach and beet will address any possible Vitamin A deficiencies. Also add in some sweet lime juice on alternate days for good skin.

Please avoid any form of intoxication during this period.

I am a CA, based in Indore, aged 59-plus.
Present status: height 5.6", weight 78 kg.
I want to lose weight and strengthen muscle.
Please guide.
Jitendra Kumar Mishra

Considering the possible routine owing to your profession, your diet intake should have less carbohydrates and more fruits and vegetables to draw the maximum vitamins and minerals.

At the same time, you should avoid overcooked food or extra oil and spices in your meals.

Losing weight at this age is not easy, especially if you have not been exercising so far.

I always recommend walks as they not only burn calories, improve blood circulation and provide a basic body warm up but also activate our intestines to promote healthy digestion.

You can also practice Bhramari pranayams before you go to sleep to calm the mind.

Gradually you can start yoga asanas like the Ushatra asana for strengthening your lower back and the plank position to strengthen the core muscles.

Roopashree Sharma, a qualified yoga trainer and naturopathy enthusiast, is the founder of Atharvanlife.

You can send in your health queries to Roopashree Sharma at (SUBJECT LINE: Roopashree, can you help?).

Do remember to include your age, height, weight, where you stay, health issues and any other details that will help. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know.

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