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This article was first published 3 years ago  » Getahead » ASK ROOPASHREE: How do I cure back pain?

ASK ROOPASHREE: How do I cure back pain?

March 24, 2021 11:15 IST
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Wellness expert Roopashree Sharma answers your health queries.

Back pain

Kindy note that this image has only been used for representational purposes. Photograph: Kind courtesy Karolina Grabowska/

Dear Reader, Health is something we all take for granted. Until, one day, we get a rude wake-up call and find that we can no longer do so.

Are worried about your health?

Do you want to build your immunity?

Are you facing skin or hair issues?

Is your digestive system giving you trouble?

Or is belly fat your problem?

Mail your queries to wellness expert Roopashree Sharma at (SUBJECT: Roopashree, can you help?) for her advice.


Hello Madam,
My name is Ashok.
I am 54 years old.
My height is 164 cm.
My weight is 60 kg.
I have full back pain.
Please suggest some remedies.
Ashok Sharma

It is difficult to ascertain the reason, as there could be so many reasons leading to back pain. Is it a recent problem or it has been there for some time/ months/ years?

As our spine is held up by muscles and ligaments, the basic cause can be lack of exercises leading to stiff or weakened muscles. However, if the pain is intense at a particular point, you should get an X-ray/MRI done.

To strengthen weak back muscles you should watch your protein intake, go for easy walks and do daily pranayama (Anulom Vilom and Om chanting).

Exercising is not recommended until the pain settles down.

You can also visit an AYUSH-certified Panchkarma centre for a consultation.

I am 34 years old.
I had chronic urticaria (hives or red, itchy welts that result from a skin reaction) give years back which got completely cured in 2015.
In September 2020, I had COVID after which my allergy has come back.
What should I do?
Thanks and regards
Varun Chopra

Any allergy is caused due to the imbalance of doshas in our body.

You should take medical advice from an AYUSH-certified Ayurvedic doctor to identify the root cause by nadiprashikshand (pulse diagnosis).

From a diet point of view, try avoiding high carb foods like sugar, wheat, rice and potatoes as they might aggravate the allergy. Avoid spicy and extra salty food intake as well.

For skin relief, natural home-made aloe vera gel can be helpful. You can also try making a paste of neem leaves and apply it on the affected skin.

Practising Bhramara Mudra in the mornings, else when you get 10-15 minutes during the day. It’s known to prevent and control allergies.

Respected Madam,
I am a 49-year-old man.
My stomach feels bloated each time I eat chapati or bread, especially wheat products.
Also body heat is generated, especially between upper inner thighs.
Kindly help.

The symptoms indicate your digestion could be intolerant to gluten-based food.

Therefore, its intake might increase the pitta element, thus generating body heat.

It is important for you to stop wheat intake for some time (at least 1-2 months) and observe the symptoms.

If chapati is your staple, you can have Khapli wheat. It has less gluten, hence you will not get too much bloating.

Since its summertime, you can have mint intake in various forms like detox water and fresh coriander mint chutney.

You can also add mint leaves to home-made lemonade or buttermilk.

This should help control the body heat.

My son is having gynecomastia (enlargement or swelling of breast tissue in men) since he turned nine.
He has gained weight since then and has serious identity issues.
Please suggest a remedy.
Currently he is on homoeopathy. Is there a way out through naturopathy?
Here are his details.
Age: 20 years
Height: 5'7
Weight: 90 kgs
Place of stay: New Delhi
No other health issues
Name withheld on request.

If there is no other medical condition, a simple combination of diet and exercise would help with the situation.

He can start with detox, regular walks (minimum 40 minutes to an hour) along with diet.

Gradually he can start the Vinyasa form of Surya Namaskar under supervision and do Kapalabhati pranayama. During pranayama, practice prana mudra for energy and health.

Exercising not only helps with body weight and structure but also generates happy hormones that boost confidence and lend a positive outlook.

For detox, home-made petha juice (you can follow this recipe) is a good option -- every alternate day for one month -- first thing in the morning.

Don’t add any sugar, salt or honey; in case of cold, you can discontinue until recovered.

Respected Ma’am,
My problem is that, suddenly, when the fan is fast my gums get swollen and nose gets blocked. I feel something happening in this area of the nose and gums.
After this, my gums start bleeding. Sometimes I have slight ear pain also. This keeps on happening off and on.
The same problem also occurs when there is excess sweating in the summers; that time, maybe fan is not the case.
This problem has started 6-7 years back.
Long back I had seen a doctor twice for this problem. Both times, he gave an antibiotic course for seven days.
Sometimes putting cotton in the ear helps a bit to avoid the problem.
Please help me understand what this problem is and suggest some remedial measure if it can be corrected.
Age: 48
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 72 Kg
Health issue: Thyroid, fibroids (already treated), thalassemia (minor) 

Given your sensitive ENT zone, accompanied with a few other medical conditions, it is important to understand the imbalance causing these complications.

I recommend you visit an Ayurveda practitioner and take complete understanding and guidance to identify the root cause as well as possible cures.


Roopashree Sharma, a qualified yoga trainer and naturopathy enthusiast, is the founder of Atharvanlife.

You can send in your health queries to Roopashree Sharma at (SUBJECT: Roopashree, can you help?). Do remember to include your age, height, weight, where you stay, health issues and any other details that will help. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know.

Please note: This is an advisory. Please consult your doctor as well. In case of any discomfort, please stop the regime and visit your doctor. 

Disclaimer: All content and media herein is written and published online for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. It should not be relied on as your only source for advice.

Please always seek the guidance of your doctor or a qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition. Do not ever disregard the advice of a medical professional, or delay in seeking it because of something you have read herein.

If you believe you may have a medical or mental health emergency, please call your doctor, go to the nearest hospital, or call emergency services or emergency helplines immediately. If you choose to rely on any information provided herein, you do so solely at your own risk.

Opinions expressed herein cannot necessarily provide advice to fit the exact specifics of the issues of the person requesting advice.

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