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This article was first published 2 years ago  » Getahead » ASK HR GURU: My boss steals my ideas

ASK HR GURU: My boss steals my ideas

April 05, 2022 16:34 IST
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HR Guru Mayank Rautela offers practical advice.

The Office

IMAGE: Mukul Chadda and Gauahar Khan in The Office. Kindly note this image has only been posted for representational purposes. Photograph: Kind courtesy Disney+ Hotstar

Dear Reader, are you just starting out in your career and want to know the right steps you need to take?

Not sure how to prepare for your first interview? Or your first online interview?

Struggling with office politics? Or with working from home?

Have a bad boss? Or a colleague who is undermining you?

Nobody seems to listen to you at meetings?

Have you hit a dead-end at work and see no way out?

Please send in your concerns to our HR guru Mayank Rautela at (Subject: Mayank, can you help?).



Hi Mayank.
After completing my MTech in 2008, I have been in teaching jobs in different colleges.
Three years ago, I left my job to concentrate on my PhD. I will be completing my PhD this year.
I want to switch to a corporate job. But I don't have any experience in the corporate world. I have experience in teaching.
Can you please suggest anything for me?
Thank you.
Best regards,
Nayan B

Hi Nayan.

Looking at your background and expertise, I would recommend that you consider a corporate job in a technology learning company like Byju’s or Vedantu. There are other such companies as well.

This will be a good blend of your passion for teaching and the perks of a corporate job.


Dear Mayank,
I am Ahmed, aged 56 years, working in Chennai as an admin staff.
My questions:
I am working in this present company for the past 20 years. They don’t give any labour benefits such as ESI, PF, etc.
Now the management has decided to shut down the business all of a sudden, mentioning loss.
Can I get any compensation for my long years of service as I cannot get any job at this age?
If yes, please guide me how to move further. Or should I quit this job when the company is closed after serving them for such a long period without any compensation from them?
Can you please guide me?

Hi Ahmed.

This is an unfortunate and tricky situation.

I would recommend that you ask for compensation from your company.

If they refuse, you must approach the labour department for your statutory dues after so many years of service.


Dear Mayank,
Request you to kindly keep the name anonymous
I am working with a firm since 16 months.
I am into sales.
I have already resigned from my services and am on notice period.
I do not have any offer on hand.
The bosses are threatening that they would not issue the proper relieving letter, eg as non-performance, etc.
Can they mention the same without any prior communication to me on the said subject and if the same was really a concern then why are they not relieving me earlier?
It looks like it is an arm-twisting tactic and they are putting a lot of emotional pressure.
Since four out of seven members have resigned in our vertical, it seems they are showing the frustration on me.
I am a little soft-spoken and do not want any confrontation with them.
Will there be a legal course available to me if the relieving is not proper?
Please help.


If there has been no prior communication and they are bringing this up only after you have resigned, then it is quite unprofessional on their part.

Serve your notice period and have a candid discussion with them. Explain that if they try and spoil your career, then you will have no choice but to take the legal path.

Alternately, since you don’t have a job, negotiate with them and continue till you get a good job.


Dear Mayank,
I work in a bank and have resigned from my services on February 16, 2022.
As per the bank’s policy, I need to serve three months’s notice period. But, due to some contingency, I need reliving before that (in early April).
I approached them stating I am ready to buy my notice period for the defaulting days but my bank is completely denying that and is saying that I cannot buy my notice period and they have no such concept.
I have worked with two banks previously and both banks had a provision that if employees need early relieving, they can buy their notice period.
Can my current bank deny my request of early relieving by buying my notice period?
They are also threatening me that if I stop coming they will approach the police and they will get me picked up from my home.
I’m really depressed and don’t know what to do.
I am not joining any other organisation but, due to personal issues, I need early relieving.
Please advise. Can my bank be so brutal?
Thanks and regards.


Ideally, they cannot take the steps they are mentioning. Do have a look at the exit clause in your appointment letter.

It will be advisable to send them a reply through a labour lawyer.

To look at it from another viewpoint, you should try and serve the notice period.


Dear Mayank,
My boss has a habit of stealing my ideas.
The idea is mine, but the boss presents it as hers.
I have talked to her about this but she says it is a team effort. Once, she got very angry and said I was self-centred and if I did not like the job I should leave.
Jobs are not easy to get plus I like the place.
At the same time, I do want credit for my ideas.
Can you please help?


The best way to handle this is to document your ideas through emails.

Also, a discussion with your manager's manager to share your ideas will give the message that you mean business.

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Mayank Rautela is the chief human resources officer at Care Hospitals.

He is a management graduate from the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies and holds a master's degree in labour laws from Pune University.

He has over two decades of experience in the field of general management, strategic human resources, global mergers and integrations and change management.

He has held various leadership positions across marquee companies, including the Piramal Group, the Tata Group and multinational healthcare organisations like CR Bard and Becton & Dickinson.

Please send in your workplace concerns to Mayank Rautela at (Subject: Mayank, can you help?), along with your name, age, where you work (eg, Mumbai, Lucknow, Agartala) and job profile. Do let us know if you wish to keep your question anonymous.

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