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This article was first published 2 years ago  » Getahead » ASK AJIT: Are these stocks good to hold for one year?

ASK AJIT: Are these stocks good to hold for one year?

September 01, 2021 08:54 IST
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'Should I hold , exit or accumulate in 1-3 months short term and 1+ year long term?'

Illustration: Dominic Xavier/

Ajit Mishra, vice president, Research, Religare Broking, answers your queries:

Chidambarasamy Manickam: Can you let me know if I should hold or exit the below scripts please?

Ajit Mishra:

Company No of shares Price Recommendation
HCL Info Systems 1,905 Rs 18.50 Exit
Indian Railway Finance Corporation 575 Rs 26 Hold
ONGC 85 Rs 145 Hold
Sun TV 255 Rs 566 Exit
South Indian Bank Limited 3,360 Rs 18.50 Prefer ICICI Bank
TV18 Broadcast Limited 1,575 Rs 36 Exit
Yes Bank 225 Rs 55 Exit if not under lock-in


Sriparna Mondal: I have the following stocks for the past 4-5 years. Other than the ETF, almost all are down 50 per cent from the purchase price. Does it make sense to hold the stocks any longer or how should I exit and what stocks I can buy in lieu? Please advise.

Ajit Mishra:

Company No of shares Price Recommendation
BSE 90 Rs 1,013 Hold
ICICI ETF 1,152 Rs 113 NA (Which ETF?)
JK Tyre 250 Rs 173 Hold
SML Isuzu 50 Rs 1,006 Prefer Ashok Leyland
Tata Motors 100 @442 Prefer Ashok Leyland



Deepti Ambadipudi: Bought 100 shares of Bambino Agrotech at Rs 211. Should I hold, exit or add? Please guide me. 

Ajit Mishra: Exit


Srinu Kodi: I have been seeing your opinion on many people's portfolios and I am thankful for your unbiased review.

Recently, I have purchased these stocks with some conviction, wrt long term like 2-3 years as of now or more. I would like to have your view once if possible.

I am not in panic mode looking at market conditions as of now as I know these are quality stocks I have invested in.

Note: I purchased Gland Pharma for the short term recently as I see some potential till the time Covid is there, as it is doing vaccine manufacturing for Sputnik. I am thinking about profits for Gland Pharma.

Could you please tell me if I can hold this or sell after it reaches Rs 2,800 level? Please tell me if I can hold this for the long term.

Ajit Mishra: Yes, one can hold for long term


Company No of shares Price Recommendation
AUBANK 20 Rs 1,008.40 Hold
BAJFINANCE 3 Rs 4,411.30 Hold
DFM 56 Rs 333.86 Prefer Britannia
DIXON 14 Rs 3,643.18 Hold
DMART 9 Rs 2,854.99 Hold
GLAND 39 Rs 2,542.81 Hold
HDFCBANK 15 Rs 1,399.54 Hold
ICICIGI 29 Rs 1,354.63 Hold
INDIAMART 5 Rs 7,873.97 Hold
JUBLFOOD 7 Rs 2,757.75 Hold
MCDOWELL-N 51 Rs 513.71 Hold
MUTHOOTFIN EVENT 17 Rs 1,129.30 Hold
NAUKRI 10 Rs 4,622.06 Hold
RELIANCE 12 Rs 1,911.23 Hold
SYNGENE 70 Rs 602.38 Hold


Sukanta Mandal: Need your suggestion on these -- whether to hold, exit or accumulate -- in 1-3 months short term and 1+ year long term. Awaiting your thoughts and views.

Ajit Mishra:

Company Recommendation
Ashok Leyland Hold
JK Tyre Hold
Bank of Baroda Prefer SBI
HDFC bank Hold
Shree Digvijay Cement Prefer Ultratech/Ambuja
Coal India Exit
Gujarat Mineral Development Co Hold
Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Hold
Jaiprakash Power Exit
HFCL Ltd Hold
United Spirits Hold
EIH Exit
JSW Energy Ltd Hold


Rohith Adiga: I am a starter in the stock market and trading from the last six months. Below is the list of stocks I have purchased. Advise me about buying additional stock, or holding or selling.

I am also looking for a short term plan of 6-10 months starting from June. Please suggest from my existing stock list or a new stock for short term gain. Also would like to know when to purchase the additional stock, when it's growing or when it dips.

For example, I purchased 50 shares of Tata Motors @ Rs 124, then added another 25 when it went to @ Rs 185 and again purchased 10 @ Rs 290. Now my average pricing is @ Rs 244.

Ajit Mishra:

Company No of shares Price Recommendation
HAL 5 Rs 1,100.96 Hold
BIOCON 1 Rs 459 Hold
ZEEL 5 Rs 224.4 Exit
ITC 5 Rs 210.45 Hold
HDFCBANK 1 Rs 1,377.60 Hold and buy on dips
L&TFH 15 Rs 84.62 Hold
ASIANPAINT 3 Rs 2,039.53 Hold
HCLTECH 6 Rs 758.96 Hold
AXISBANK 6 Rs 547.89 Hold
RELIANCE 5 Rs 1,720.75 Hold
TATAMOTORS 25 Rs 244.71 Hold for 2-3 years at least
KOTAKBANK 5 Rs 1,369.65 Hold
INFY 10 Rs 972.27 Hold
TCS 5 Rs 2,318.60 Hold
BAJFINANCE 2 Rs 3,636.00 Hold


Jasminkumar Maheshbhai Gajjar: I have been following your posts on a regular basis. I have invested for long/mid-term. Request you to advise for the below stocks held by me.

Ajit Mishra:

Company No of shares Price View Recommendation
Alok Industries 350 Rs 22.78 Mid-term Exit
Bandhan Bank 50 Rs 348.43 Long-term Hold
Bharat Elec Ltd 75 Rs 134.71 Mid-term Hold
Biocon 30 Rs 410.81 Mid-term Hold
Burger King 50 Rs 132.38 Long-term Hold
Cyient 15 Rs 690.22 Mid-term Hold
Firstsource Sol 80 Rs 116.64 Mid-term Hold
India Cements 60 Rs 168.43 Mid-term Hold
Inox Leisure 30 Rs 332.34 Mid-term Hold
J K Tyre 50 Rs 118.32 Long-term Hold
Laurus Labs 20 Rs 468.02 Mid-term Hold
Manappuram 50 Rs 159.96 Mid-term Hold
Motherson sumi 40 Rs 236.75 Mid-term Hold
NMDC 50 Rs 157.46 Long-term Hold
Spicejet 130 Rs 86.35 Long-term Hold
Sun Pharma Adv 50 Rs 183.02 Mid-term Hold
Sundaram Fin ltd 6 Rs 2,528.45 Long-term Hold
Tata Chemicals 15 Rs 690.82 Long-term Hold
Tata Power 75 Rs 92.85 Long-term Hold
Tata Steel BSL 100 Rs 96.18 Long-term Hold
Time Technopl 75 Rs 84.34 Mid-term Exit
Zen Tech 100 Rs 86.60 Long-term Exit


Rajkumar Dhyani: Namaskar. I'm a small investor who looks for mid and small-cap scrips to invest in. I can invest Rs 5-10K monthly in stocks. I'm looking for a long-term vision, probably 1-2 years vision. Can you please suggest few important scrips which match my requirement?

Ajit Mishra: One can invest in Finolex Industries, Ashok Leyland, INOX Leisure, Exide Industries, Kansai Nerolac.


Marshall: Please review my portfolio, if I can hold, accumulate or exit from these stocks. I'm not sure of the period if I have to hold these stocks. Please advise.

Ajit Mishra:

Company No of shares Price Recommendation
Balaji Amines 20 10 @ Rs 824 and 10 @ Rs 2,500 Hold
Laurus Labs 100 50 @ Rs 400 and 50 @ Rs 490 Hold
Sun Pharma 10 Rs 60 Hold
Wock Pharma 10 Rs 590 Hold
Eicher Motors 10 Rs 2,520 Hold
Titan 10 5 @ Rs 1,126 and 5 @ Rs 1450 Hold
Tech Mahindra 10 Rs 1,000 Hold
TataSTLBSL 50 Rs 100 Hold
Poly Cab 10 Rs 1,480 Hold
SUN TV 10 Rs 520 Exit
Adani Power 100 Rs 100 Exit
Larsen and Turbo 10 Rs 1,450 Hold


Rane Tushar: I hold following stocks. Which should I hold and which should I exit?

Ajit Mishra:

Company No of shares Recommendation
IOB 60 Exit
URJA 5,000 Exit
TTML 700 Hold for 2-3 years
DHFL 203 Exit
GMBREW 85 Hold
NOCIL 942 Hold
PRAKASH 965 Exit


Sunil: I want to invest Rs 2 lakhs rupees for long term. Please suggest and guide me about some good equity shares.

Ajit Mishra: Bharti Airtel, ICICI Bank, Nippon AMC, Britannia Industries, Maruti Suzuki


GOPAL CHAKRABORTY: I am holding the following mentioned stocks for the long term. Kindly advise.

Ajit Mishra:

Company No of shares Price Recommendation
Tata Steel 220 Rs 470 Hold
Suzlon Energy 2,300 Rs 5.70 Exit
Tilaknagar Industries 600 Rs 72 Exit
Clariant Chemicals 59 Rs 598 Hold
NCC Ltd 213 Rs 67 Exit
Suven Lifescience 175 Rs 62 Hold
HCC Ltd. 180 Rs 57 Exit
Andhra cements 1,200 Rs 23 Prefer Ultratech
Educomp 2,200 Rs 190 Exit
Yes Bank 2,500 Rs 17.50 Exit
Gufic Bioscience 135 Rs 167 Hold


Shyam Kannacham Veettil: I would like to have hold/exit strategy for following stocks. I can hold long term

Ajit Mishra:

Stock Unit holding Average price Recommendation
Bandhan Bank 30 Rs 303 Hold
Federal Bank 500 Rs 57 Hold
HDFC AMC 60 Rs 1,733 Hold
HDFC Standard Life 260 Rs 300 Hold
SBI Card 30 Rs 770 Hold
Yes bank 1,000 Rs 116 Exit if not under lock-in.
Dixon Tchnology 100 Rs 917 Hold
Havells 600 Rs 302 Hold
V guard 550 Rs 185 Hold
L&T 105 Rs 1,117 Hold
Tata consumer products 160 Rs 367 Hold
Varun Beverages 380 Rs 435 Hold
Jubilant food 25 Rs 1,846 Hold
First source solutions 1,000 Rs 55 Hold
Tata elxi 30 Rs 851 Hold
IRCTC 20 Rs 1,309 Hold
Berger Paints 90 Rs 560 Hold
Petronet LNG 925 Rs 115 Hold
Adani Port 100 Rs 230 Hold


Rajesh Nair: I have 50 shares of Dixon Technologies at an average price of Rs 3,742. If I am looking at holding these for a horizon of three years, should I hold/accumulate or exit these ?

Ajit Mishra: Hold the stock. Accumulate on dips only.


Nitesh Shah: I have these shares. Can you advise if I can hold, sell or buy more?

Ajit Mishra:

Stock Average of investment price Recommendation
Aarvee Denim Rs 19.4 Exit
AB Capital Rs 59.9 Exit
Aditya Birla F Rs 136 Prefer Titan
AFL Rs 13.7 Exit
Aishwarya Tech Rs 34.3 Exit
Albert David Rs 464 Exit
Alok Industries Rs 60.9 Exit
Amara Raja Batteries Rs 873 Hold
Arvind Rs 55.8 Exit
Arvind Smart Rs 91 Exit
Ashtavinayak Rs 6 Exit
Aster DM Health Rs 174 Hold
Avenue Supermarts Rs 299 Hold
Bajaj Consumer Rs 316 Hold
Bandhan Bank Rs 340 Hold
Bank of Baroda Rs 46.5 Exit
BEML Rs 762 Exit
Berger Paints Rs 160 Hold
Bharti Airtel Rs 537 Hold
BHEL Rs 37.5 Exit
Binani Cement Rs 85 Exit
Canara Bank Rs 168 Exit
Cigniti Tech Rs 430 Exit
Cipla Rs 474 Hold
Coal India Rs 143 Exit
Cosmo Films Rs 633 Exit
CreditAccess Grameen Rs 702 Hold
Cummins Rs 732 Hold
Dalmia Bharat Rs 789 Hold
Deepak Nitrite Rs 668 Hold
Digjam -- BSE Rs 26.4 Exit
Diligent Media Re 1 Exit
Dishman Carbogen Rs 161 Hold
Divis Labs Rs 2,484 Hold
D-Link India Rs 113 Exit
Dollar Industries Rs 450 Hold
Endurance Technologies Rs 1,444 Hold
Eveready Industries Rs 374 Hold
Fortis Health Rs 108 Hold
Ganesha Ecosphere Rs 18.7 Exit
General Insurance Rs 456 Prefer ICICI Lombard
Glenmark Rs 515 Hold
Godawari Power Rs 201 Exit
Granules India Rs 343 Hold
Grasim Rs 667 Hold
GTL Infra

Rs 80.5

GV Films Rs 7.75 Exit
GVK Power Rs 35.1 Exit
HBL Power Rs 57.7 Exit
HCL Tech Rs 348 Hold
HDFC Rs 1,217 Hold
HDFC Life Rs 688 Hold
HFCL Rs 27.9 Hold
Hindustan Construction Rs 43 Exit
Hindustan Zinc Rs 218 Hold
HUDCO Rs 82.9 Hold
ICICI Lombard Rs 661 Hold
ICICI Prudential Rs 402 Hold
IDFC First Bank Rs 57.8 Exit
IFCI Rs 18 Exit
IKF Tech - BSE Rs 6.93 Exit
Indian Acrylics Rs 10 Exit
Indo Count Rs 85.5 Exit
Indostar Capita Rs 572 Hold
Infomedia Press Rs 24.4 Exit
Infosys Rs 555 Hold
Interworld Rs 3.89 Exit
IOB Rs 42.4 Exit
IOC Rs 125 Hold
Ion Exchange Rs 677 Hold
IRFC Rs 26 Hold
ITC Rs 216 Hold
Jenson Nicholson Rs 16.2 Exit
Jindal SAW Rs 80.8 Hold
JSW Steel Rs 228 Hold
Kajaria Ceramics Rs 422 Hold
L&T Finance Rs 82.8 Hold
Larsen Rs 837 Hold
LIC Housing Finance Rs 353 Hold
M&M Financial Rs 165 Hold
Maharashtra Seamless Rs 500 Exit
Marathon Realty Rs 67.6 Exit
Maruti Suzuki Rs 6,632 Hold
Max Healthcare Rs 78.9 Hold
Max India Rs 391 Hold
Mirc Electronic Rs 51.1 Exit
MOIL Rs 156 Hold
Munjal Showa Rs 61.4 Exit
Nahar Poly Film Rs 48.1 Exit
National Steel Rs 27 Exit
Network 18 Rs 33 Exit
New India Assurance Rs 400 Prefer HDFC Life
Newgen Software Rs 245 Hold
NHPC Rs 31.5 Hold
Nippon ETF Gold Rs 35.5 Hold
NOCIL Rs 157 Hold
NTPC Rs 146 Hold
ONGC Rs 139 Hold
Paramount Communications Rs 28 Exit
Pennar Industries Rs 23.3 Exit
Pidilite Industries Rs 1,773 Hold
Power Grid Corporation Rs 145 Hold
Precision Electricals Rs 14.7 Exit
Precision Wires Rs 80 Exit
Raj Oil Mills Rs 10 Exit
Rajapalayam Rs 348 Hold
RBL Bank Rs 526 Hold
Reliance Rs 1,482 Hold
Reliance Communications Rs 2.55 Exit
Reliance Power Rs 232 Exit
Rico Auto Rs 38 Exit
Saregama India Rs 767 Exit
SBI Rs 270 Hold
SBI Life Insurance Rs 700 Hold
SGN Cable Rs 0.42 Exit
Siti Networks Rs 32.5 Exit
South Indian Bank Rs 25.8 Exit
Sumeet Industries Rs 14.2 Exit
Sun Pharma Rs 893 Hold
TAEL Rs 0.24 Exit
Talbros Auto Rs 307 Exit
TCS Rs 198 Hold
Tech Mahindra Rs 574 Hold
Terruzzi Fercalx Rs 50.7 Exit
Tirupati Foam Rs 10 Exit
TV18 Broadcast Rs 48.1 Hold
Unitech Rs 1.95 Exit
Usha Martin Rs 1.25 Exit
Usha Martin Edu Rs 1.25 Exit
UTI AMC Rs 554 Prefer HDFC AMC or Nippon AMC
Varroc Engineer Rs 421 Hold
Vascon Engineer Rs 46.7 Exit
Visa Steel Rs 53.5 Exit
VRL Logistics Rs 432 Hold
Wipro Rs 254 Hold
Zee Media Rs 41.1 Exit


Please mail your questions to with the subject line 'Ask Ajit', along with your name, and Mr Ajit Mishra will offer his unbiased views.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for information purposes only. This article and information do not constitute a distribution, an endorsement, an investment advice, an offer to buy or sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any securities/schemes or any other financial products/investment products mentioned in this QnA or an attempt to influence the opinion or behaviour of the investors/recipients.

Any use of the information/any investment and investment related decisions of the investors/recipients are at their sole discretion and risk. Any advice herein is made on a general basis and does not take into account the specific investment objectives of the specific person or group of persons. Opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.

Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/

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