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Confused about the stock market? Here's Help

August 23, 2021 08:54 IST
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'Is it advisable to have more number of scrips in small quantities or a few scrips in big quantities?'

Illustration: Dominic Xavier/

Ajit Mishra, vice president, Research, Religare Broking, answers your queries:

Vadiraj Kadival: Please suggest if I need to hold or exit Shree Renuka Sugars.

I have around 8,400 shares averaging at Rs 18.67. Can I buy few more shares at current price of Rs 9.30 to average it even less?

Please advise. Thank you.

Ajit Mishra: Exit the stock.


Vikas Gupta: Sir, I have following shares in my portfolio. Please suggest whether I should sell them or hold.

Ajit Mishra:

1. ICICI Bank (Bought at an average price of Rs 608) Hold
2. NTPC (Bought at an average price of Rs 107.80) Hold
3. SBIN (Bought at an average price of Rs 402) Hold


Vinay Nair: I have following shares. Please advise whether to hold or exit:

Ajit Mishra:

Reliance Ind @ Rs 2,049 Hold
Tata Motors @ Rs 247 Hold
IDFC Bank @ Rs 63 Exit
Camlin Fine Sciences @ Rs 117 Hold
HDFC Bank @ Rs 1,531 Hold
Equitas Small Finance Bank @ Rs 49.94 Exit
Greaves Cotton @ Rs 140 Exit
Bank of Maharashtra @ Rs 23 Exit
BHEL @ Rs 40.09 Exit
IDFC Ltd @ Rs 50.47 Exit
PNB @ Rs 35.53 Exit
Tata Steel BSL @ Rs 41.35 Exit
Yes Bank @ Rs 16.09 Exit
Vodafone @ Rs 12.01 Exit


Sudhir Prabhu: I am new to trading. I would like to begin with a trial amount of Rs 5,000. I am interested in swing trade. Which stock/stocks should I buy and at what price should I exit?

Ajit Mishra: You can take positions in Prestige, ONGC and PFC.


Rajneesh Bankura: I hold the following stocks and would request your advice on short term/ long term hold/exit/buy call. I intend to keep only 3-4 stocks for more than three years.

Ajit Mishra:

Bajaj Auto: 25 shares @ Rs 4,100 Hold 
Ashok Leyland: 50 shares @ Rs 121 Hold
HDFC Bank: 25 shares @ Rs 1,425 Hold
Yes Bank: 300 shares @ Rs 16 Exit
Pidilite Industries: 28 shares @ Rs 1,750 Hold
L&T Ltd: 60 shares @ Rs 1,459 Hold
IRFC (Indian Railway Finance): 2,500 shares @ Rs 25 Exit
HCL Technologies: 50 shares @ Rs 985 Hold
Godrej Consumer Products: 150 shares @ Rs 738 Hold
IOC: 400 shares @ Rs 98 Hold
Inox: 75 shares @ Rs 323 Hold
ITC: 200 shares @ Rs 215 Hold
Bharti Airtel: 130 shares @ Rs 575 Hold
Vodafone Idea: 800 shares @ Rs 11 Exit


Anee A: I have 375 shares of Sonata Software Ltd. Nothing much has happened for the past 20 years. Should I hold or sell?

Ajit Mishra: Exit the stock.



Susanta Kumar Chowdhury: Can you please let me know about the shares listed below?

Could you please also recommend shares/MF for investment?

Ajit Mishra: For stocks, you can invest in Britannia, ICICI Bank, SBI, Coromandel, Inox Leisure, Bharti Airtel and Ashok Leyland.

State Bank of India: 135 shares @ Rs 352 Hold
J K Laxmi Cement Ltd: 12 shares Hold
Gujarat State Petronet Ltd: 250 shares @ Rs 54 Hold
Petronet LNG Ltd: 1,400 @ Rs 101 Hold
Ashok Leyland Ltd: 11 shares @ Rs 110 Hold
Vikas WSP Ltd: 350 shares @ Rs 10 Exit
Essar Securities Ltd 63 @ Rs 50 Exit


Tadapatri Ramesh: I got into the stocks business recently. My question is: Is it advisable to have more number of scrips in small quantities or a few scrips in big quantities? I am being advised not to have too many scrips. At present, I have about 65 scrips.

Ajit Mishra: You should invest in fewer stocks but they should be fundamentally and financially stable. Also, it should have strong corporate governance and good long term growth prospects which can help in earning decent returns.


Alpesh Patel: Can you please advise me about whether I should sell or hold shares in following investment?

Ajit Mishra:

Bank of India: 5,000 shares @ Rs 75 Exit
Marksans Pharma: 20,000 shares @ Rs 55 Hold
Yes Bank: 6,000 shares @ Rs 16 Exit
TV18: 5,000 @ Rs 30 Exit
NDTV: 4,000 shares @ Rs 54 Exit
Munjal Showa: 3,200 shares @ Rs 148 Exit


Rajesh Laddha: I want to invest a sum of Rs 10 lakhs in good shares with a 10 year horizon. Please suggest your top picks.

Ajit Mishra: You can invest in Britannia, ICICI Bank, SBI, Coromandel, Inox Leisure, Bharti Airtel and Ashok Leyland.


Sharief Khaja: I am a short-term investor. Kindly advise me as to whether I should hold or exit the following shares:

Ajit Mishra:

Reliance Industries: 100 shares  Hold with SL at Rs 2,060
Adani Power: 300 shares  Better to exit
Adani Transmission: 100 shares  Hold with strict SL at Rs 850 and exit on bounce
Union Bank of India: 65 shares  Better to exit, else put strict SL at Rs 34


Also, do let me know if I can invest in the following companies:

Ajit Mishra:

Tata Motors Above 315
Adani Enterprises Avoid
Suzlon Energy ltd Avoid
Tata Steel Yes, you can
Banco Products Avoid


Phaneeshwar Wuppuluru: Please advise on these stocks:

Ajit Mishra:

1. Tata Motors @ Rs 135 Hold
2. Tata Power @ Rs 79 Hold
3. Tata Chemicals @ Rs 485 Hold
4. M&M @ Rs 550 Hold
5. L&T @ Rs 1,200 Hold
6. HAL @ Rs 700 Hold
7. GAIL @ Rs 135 Hold
8. SBI @ Rs 180 Hold
9. Cyient @ Rs 630 Hold
10. Wockhardt @ Rs 320 Hold
11. Bharat Forge @ Rs 480 Hold
12. Tejas Networks @ Rs 78 Exit
13. Dixon @ Rs 3,888 Hold
14. Reliance @ Rs 1,865 Hold


Sridhar Gampa: I have 4,000 shares of NHPC @ Rs 27. Please let me know your recommendation about whether to hold or exit.

Ajit Mishra: If you are holding with motive of earning dividend, then you can hold. Else, exit the stock.


Sandeep: Kindly provide me your views on the following portfolio.

Ajit Mishra:

SANOFI: 30 shares @ 7,899.99 Hold
RECLTD: 300 shares @ Rs 137.22 Hold
PNCINFRA: 20 shares @ Rs 128.01 Hold
LIQUIDBEES: 2 shares @ Rs 985.71 Hold
ITC: 296 shares @ Rs 188.70 Hold
IEX: 25 shares @ Rs 339.50 Hold
HUHTAMAKI: 75 shares @ Rs 280.70 Hold
HINDUNILVR: 5 shares @ Rs 2,161.80 Hold
HCLTECH: 79 shares @ Rs 964.02 Hold
HAPPSTMNDS: 30 shares @ Rs 330.37 Hold
ENDURANCE: 13 shares @ Rs 1,376.47 Hold
DIVISLAB: 25 shares @ Rs 3,619.00 Hold
CHAMBLFERT: 26 shares @ Rs 216.03 Hold
BANKBARODA: 100 shares @ Rs 72.80 Exit
BANDHANBNK: 262 shares @ Rs 332.72 Hold
ACCELYA: 50 shares @ Rs 928.61 Hold
ABBOTINDIA: 1 share @ Rs 14,299.95 Hold


Jasminkumar Maheshbhai Gajjar: I have been following your posts on a regular basis. I have invested for long/mid-term. Request you to advise for the below stocks held by me.

Ajit Mishra:

Alok Industries: 500 shares @ Rs 22.78, mid-term Exit
Firstsource Solutions: 100 shares @ Rs 116.88, long term Exit
Hikal: 75 shares @ Rs 167.14, mid-term Hold
IDFC First Bank: 200 shares @ Rs 61.79, long term Exit
India Cements: 80 shares @ Rs 169.45, mid-term Hold
J B Chemicals: 10 shares @ Rs 1,236.29, mid-term Hold
Kalyani Steels: 50 shares @ Rs 284.25, mid-term Exit
Motherson Sumi: 50 shares @ Rs 236.75, long term Exit
Orient Cement: 80 shares @ Rs 105.49, long term Hold
RCF: 150 shares @ 79.49, long term Exit
Shilpa Medicare: 30 shares @ Rs 433.01, mid-term Hold
Sun TV: 30 shares @ Rs 478.51 mid-term Hold
Sundaram Finance Holdings: 100 shares @ Rs 74.56, long term Hold
Sundaram Finance Ltd: 10 shares @ Rs 2m528.45, long term Hold
Syncom Formulations: 2,000 shares @ Rs 3.99, long term Exit
Tata Power: 100 shares @ Rs 92, mid term Hold
Trident: 600 shares @ Rs 12.14, long term Hold
Yes Bank: 500 shares @ Rs 17.29, long term Exit
Zen Technologies: 110 shares @ Rs 86.60, long term Exit

Please mail your questions to with the subject line 'Ask Ajit', along with your name, and Mr Ajit Mishra will offer his unbiased views.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for information purposes only. This article and information do not constitute a distribution, an endorsement, an investment advice, an offer to buy or sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any securities/schemes or any other financial products/investment products mentioned in this QnA or an attempt to influence the opinion or behaviour of the investors/recipients.

Any use of the information/any investment and investment related decisions of the investors/recipients are at their sole discretion and risk. Any advice herein is made on a general basis and does not take into account the specific investment objectives of the specific person or group of persons. Opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.

Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/

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